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By kittyroc On 03/26/04  

Does anyone know what exercises are good for the chest? I want to make my chest firmer and not as saggy. I know I probably won't have the chest I had when I was 18 but I'd like to have some upper body strength. All the nursing I've done has really taken it's toll (my daughter just weaned herself at 21 months), so I'd appreciate any tips on simple at home routines. Thanks!

By melmelon On 03/26/04  

Not being a fitness guru of any type what-so-ever...the only things I can really think of for upper body strength is good old-fashioned push ups, chin ups and maybe dips...but would those maybe be just more arm strength related?

By jane_bond On 03/27/04  

Wall presses (like a push up but standing with feet about a foot or two from the wall)

Chest presses (hold weights straight out in front of you, bring very slowly to your side while still out-stretched, press back together out in front of you)

Side pulls (hold weights with arms at your sides, very slowly pull the weights to shoulder height and slowly lower them again)

To maximize any weight bearing excercise, do the motion very slowly, like a snail - keep breathing throughout.

By bratgirl On 03/27/04  

Bench press and flys.

I'll assume you know what bench press is, if not ask. As for flys, it's like the chest press janebond mentioned above, but you lie on your back and do them.


By kittyroc On 03/27/04  

Thanks! I actually have an exercise bench in my garage. It's my husband's but I don't like going in the garage because it's cold and dusty and dark... well thanks again!

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