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By ksue On 03/26/04  

Hiya -

I just got off the phone with Matt Belamy, producer for "Crafting Coast to Coast." They are still looking for people (they are trying to wrap up the San Francisco Bay Area) so get in touch if you are interested - 818-755-4800.

I'll keep you all posted - I wasn't expecting to hear back from them at this point! That's the way it is with show biz, I reckon :) Guess my video wasn't as totally dorky as I thought...


By meggiecat On 03/26/04  

I'm coming out of lurk mode here and want to encourage you all to give HGTV a try. I noticed that some of you are worried about your designs but this may offer new opportunities.

Think about selling your patterns and directions and adding them to your websites and your booths. There is a huge market and you can specify that patterns are for personal, not commercial use.

When I was doing craft shows I know that some of my things were purchased in order to be copied and many people asked me for instructions. One gal even tried to hand me a tablet of paper and a pen! After that I wrote instructions and sealed them in ziplock bags with a topper and sold those for $5 a pop. The sales of my finished products didn't drop and the instruction packs added to my income. My packs were for current designs because I knew that the next time I would be on to something else. For me the fun is in the first design. After that it's grunt production work.

I believe that there are those who do make things and many more who don't, can't and won't.

I saw the suggestion on this board about leaving out a part of the technique and yes I've encountered it often enough but I hate it!! I think it would be worth the effort to come up with designs for the show and for sale that aren't part of your production lines.

I hope to see many of you on HGTV and that the result is increased business because the audience "knows you".

Just my 2 cents and best wishes for success.


By CraftyChicaAZ On 03/26/04  

That is awesome, congrats!! Please let us know when it airs!!

By ksue On 03/26/04  

Hey, thanks! But it is not a done deal :) - I just am one step closer... We'll see!

And I agree with everything Kathy says - the info on how to make our stuff is out there in the world and if someone really wants to try something they can. However, it is the intangibles of our collective talents that set us apart! I have been back and forth on this during the past three months and at this point, I think this is just an awesome opportunity for people to show what can be done with imagination and determination.

Anyway, I'll keep y'all posted, but he said they still really need new people to consider, sooooo....

We shall see.


By SublimeStitcher On 03/27/04  

They wouldn't use me because I'm too 'well known'

Uh, I didn't really think so, but okay. A good problem...I guess?

I can't wait to see this show. There will have to be a thread from everyone on it.

By CraftyChicaAZ On 03/27/04  

that sucks!! their loss all the way. working in editorial. i know they are making a huge mistake. quality content (people like you doing something innovative) should drive their show, not who is too popular or whatever. they should be thinking of what will be the most interesting for the viewers to see and go with that. their line of thinking is off on this one.

i am very happy for karen though! good call on that one! i'm interested to hear how it all turns out. there is a new knititng show coming out on the diy channel (july i think) - i wonder if anyone from here will be on that one?

By toetoe On 03/28/04  

This is all very interesting. I got an email from them asking about my designs and such but never heard back. That would be so cool for you Karen if you're on! If so, promise to tell us when!?! I don't have cable, but could make arrangements! And Jenny, that is weird that you are 'too well known' for them. I guess that's a great compliment for you that you are too well known for national tv...but I would love to see you on there. I think they missed the mark on that one!

By ksue On 03/28/04  

Yeah, Jenny, I think that's just plain WEIRD. Not to mention that your stuff would work so well in that format.

Thanks gals - as I said, not a done deal by a long shot. I had totally given up on the whole thing, so I am much less invested in the idea than when I had just spent two weeks editing a video! We'll see. But for sure I will let you know if things move forward.

And Toetoe, maybe they are still working on Portland - they are doing it area-by-area and were trying to wrap up SF when I talked with Matt on Friday.

To be continued!


By ursonate On 03/28/04  

wow, I hope DIY's new knitting show is better than the old one which I thought was appalling.

By misshawklet On 03/28/04  

my god, in some ways I am glad I don't have cable, or else I'd never turn off HGTV!

By SublimeStitcher On 03/28/04  

"new knititng show coming out on the diy channel (july i think) - i wonder if anyone from here will be on that one? "

Not to hijack, but....that show is called The Knitty Gritty and is hosted by one of our very own Austin Craft Mafia members, Vickie Howell of Ruby Goes Retro. We're all very proud of her! She got to pick her own wardrobe and I embroidered a western shirt for her that says "Knittin' Kitten" eeeeps!!!!
I can't wait to see it. It's going to be very cool.

I wish I could spill on guests, topics and such, but I'm under a strict mandate to keep mum.

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