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By craftydiva13 On 03/26/04  

I just got a wild hair and started getting ubercrafty lately. Just started my first scarf (knitting and loving it), and am making beaded jewelry - and other bead stuff. Is anyone out there doing the same type of thing ?

By britchic On 03/26/04  

Thought you'd never ask! I'm in Clearwater.
Actually, there are a few people - check the recent FL thread.

I have talked to a couple of them but for one reason or another we never hooked up.

Now I am going to attempt to initiate a craft night (or stitch and bitch, if someone will -reteach me how to knit). I have wanted to do this for ages, but most of my friends aren't into crafty things. Anyone up for Monday or Tuesday evenings at my place?

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