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By mandybbags On 03/26/04  

Hey there ladies! I know a lot of you do the same kind of work as I do so I was hoping to get some feedback...I am putting on my first handbag party and wanted to know if I should raise the prices for the show. I have been thinking about raising my prices anyway. Plus it cost a lot of money for display supplies, invitation printing etc., and the people attending the show are serious shoppers. What do you guys think? My website is
THANK YOU for any advice. You girls ROCK!!

By rita0373 On 03/26/04  

Your bags look really great. I especially like that if someone already has a fabric you'll work with them.

As far as pricing, your prices seem really good. You might want to check and see what she charges since you are in close proximity if would give you an idea of what pricing is like.

By mandybbags On 03/26/04  

Thanks for your post. :) I actually have checked out viv pickle's site before. Someday I'd like to have my own store too, like her. A girl's gotta dream.

By meggiecat On 03/26/04  

I think those serious shoppers may not be too happy if the party price is more than the web price if you want repeat customers.

Your line is VERY NICE and your prices seem in line with comparable bags I've seen. BTW...your label looks terrific!

Good Luck with the show.


By mandybbags On 03/26/04  

I was going to change both prices, web and party...for that very reason. I don't wanna make people angry! :) Thanks for the compliments and for your post.

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