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By crazybones On 03/26/04  

Anyone remember this from MTV's Liquid Television? They're making a movie, and CHarlize Theron might star.

I'm having some trouble picturing her though. Any "dream casting" suggestions?

By evilducky On 03/26/04  

I think more of a Angelina Jolie (though she has too much exposure as lara croft) or Carrie Ann Moss (trinity from the matrix).

By askant269 On 03/26/04  

i'm a bit of an obsessed fan of aeon...i taped all of the original LT episodes, as well as the spinoff series episodes, then bought the vhs tapes when they came out, as well as the "dossier files" graphic novel that came out later...

i'd have to agree with the idea of carrie ann moss as aeon. i just think she physically fits the character better. maybe jude law as trevor goodchild? right now he's the only current actor that comes to mind that might fit the bill (plus i think he's super hot)

aside from that, i'm a little curious to see how AF translates to live action movie. imho, not everything needs to be made into a movie, and the original LT short segments were already perfect in their own way. i certainly continued to watch through it's other transformations, but some of the intrigue was lost once the characters began to talk. i'm not sure that i would enjoy them taking it all the way out to a live action movie, but i'll definitely be in the theatres anyway. =]


By Katrin On 03/26/04  

I can only picture Carrie-Ann in the part, especially as creepy-skinny as she's gotten lately. She'd be perfect.

In addition to being way overexposed, Angelina is just so all-around ick ick ick. I don't care if I never see her in another movie again.

By shescrafty On 03/27/04  

I actually know first hand that Charlize is starring - I know the director and they are headed out to Brazil to start shooting.

It was originally going to be Nicole Kidman in the lead, I would think that the logical choice would also be Angelina. I know she interviewed Cate Blanchette also - and many others!

She has been in LA now for almost two years writing the script and getting things going!!!

By Yuki_in_Space On 04/06/04  

Oh, I am such a rabid dorky fan. But I really don't see Aeon as one of these Hollywood types. I'm not quite sure who would fit. Maybe that busty Vulcan from Star Trek Enterprise?
And the perfect Trevor? Absolutely Christopher Eccleson.
Interested to see how this turns out, though.

By MlleEmily On 04/06/04  

Yeah, Carrie-Ann could totally do it, she's got that super-angular jawline and cheekbones. I CANNOT see Charlize Theron doing it at all. Her face is too roundy-cheeky- no angles at all!

By neon_pixie On 04/06/04  

I'm actually a little scared about this movie. I'm like one of those protective fans - I like Aeon because it's (sort of) underground and no one knows about it except for "real" fans. I hate it when they make movies about stuff like this because then every two-bit nancy is strutting around like they know all about Aeon Flux just 'cause they saw the movie, which will undoubtedly be some sort of crap blasphemous thing with some crap famous actress, some sort of summer blockbuster thing....

Not like I know everthing about Aeon though...

And I'll still see the movie.....

By crazybones On 04/07/04  

Yuki, that is AWESOME casting, but I think I might want to steal Christopher Eggleston and make him play Sirius Black!

By nakedfotolady On 04/07/04  

i loved this series when it was on mtv, but i fear that hollywood will soften whomever plays her up. look at the way jennifer garner played electra as such a soft weepy person, not the hard ass she really is. it would be very disappointing to go to this movie only to have it become aeon flux, the princess diaries.


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