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By MoBo On 03/26/04  

I've got a ton of lace, but I don't know what to do with it. I don't really want to adorn any of my clothes with it. I did find an interesting project on making a lace thong but I lost the link :-( Does anyone else have any ideas?

By Katrin On 03/26/04  

Get a head start on next year's Valentines?

By antigone On 03/26/04  

Cover inexpensive notebooks with fabric, decorate with lace and sell them? Cover lampshades? Make... curtains?

By emilygrace On 03/26/04  

Join the supply swap over at craftster and trade it for something you want?

By MoBo On 03/26/04  

Wow thanks! I didn't even know about the swap :-)

By purdykitten On 03/27/04  

you could cut up some shirts and replace them with low necklines of lace, you could sew them on to the legs of not so nice panties, cut it and wear it as a headband, or cut old tights and turn them into stockings buy sewing a trim at the tops

By shampoosally On 03/30/04  

you could embelish your underware with gathered rows of lace. i always think ruffle-butt undies are so cute...

By MoBo On 03/30/04  

Ooh! that's a good idea, I could get boy shorts and do that too :-)
Thanks for the great ideas everyone

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