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By naturallysteph On 03/26/04

Ewwwwww! Why why why? Just looking at it makes me nauseous. That hat totally screams, "Even Waffle House wouldn't hire me."


(link via Boing Boing)

By ndaye On 03/26/04  

You've got to admit is so awful it's funny. Someone would probably end up rocking it well and making us all jealous that they could look good in anything

By naturallysteph On 03/26/04  

Oh, it's definitely funny. I just can't look at it for very long without smelling greasy sausage & scrambled eggs (and I'm one of those people who can only stomach fruit or toast for breakfast).


By Katrin On 03/26/04  

Heehee, I found that site through a link somewhere else and bookmarked it a while ago! I think it's hilarious.

Actually, I wanted to keep it for reference, because I'd like to knit a "Green Eggs & Ham"-themed sweater or something for my baby nephew Sam sometime soon, while he's still young enough not to protest being made to wear it. :)

By mishymisu On 03/26/04  

Ahem, I think what you meant to say is "Most Awesome knitted thing ever."

By antigone On 03/26/04  

hehe... I've seen pictures from a knitted food exhibition online somewhere, an artist made them and sold almost everything.

By faerie_eyez On 03/26/04  

LOL I think that thing is hilarious. I know someone could probably pull it off.

By emilygrace On 03/26/04  

I rather like the purse... the hat, not so much.

By lustersoap On 03/26/04  

just because you can, doesn't mean you should :)

By hightide On 03/26/04  

A friend of mine has been leaning on me to make a purse like that for a while, but with just eggs and bacon.

By editorgrrl On 03/26/04  

Hightide, here's a purse with just bacon & eggs:>

By bangletangle On 03/26/04  

It's so repellent...but strangely compelling. I want to look away, but I can't.

Katrin, can I steal your Green Eggs & Ham idea? I can just imagine the looks I'd get walking down the street with that purse: "Is eggs? And ham? On that girl's purse?"


By bangletangle On 03/26/04  

Damn the double post to heck.

By Katrin On 03/26/04  

Hee, that sounds like a cute idea. Feel free.

Must get started on that lil' nephew sweater soon...

By loudxmouse On 03/26/04  


*steals pattern*

i'm so making a purse lke that!

By Knittinator On 03/27/04  

I am SO making that for one of my friends!!!!!
Can I put that link on my blog? do you have a site or anything of your own youd like me to link to when I say where I got it?


By naturallysteph On 03/28/04  

Suze --

I found the link on

(It's not my site & I don't have one yet, but thank you for asking!)

-- Steph

By shampoosally On 03/29/04  

is the crazy eggs and bacon purse the new glitter indicator? i know i want to make one....

By spinnin_wheel On 03/29/04  

holy god and baby jesus!

By invisilurker On 03/29/04  

I personally think it's absolutely hideous..
WHY would anyone want to wear something that increadibly ugly? Ugh.
But at the same time, I can see the whole, it's so ugly it's cool thing happening.
But not with the hat..just the purse.

By miche_chan On 03/30/04  

*wail* why don't they make breakfast bag patterns in crochet?!?


By editorgrrl On 03/30/04  

Crochet Patterns with a Food Theme>

By jessyjessy On 03/31/04  

Man, I'd totally rock those bags! Too bad I don't knit. Maybe I can make one that's just felt applique, but that somehow isn't as insanely rockin'.

By miche_chan On 03/31/04  

Thanks editorgrl! The cupcake pattern is perfect for my tribute to Strindberg and Helium I've been wanting to make!


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