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By Ziza On 03/25/04  

So, I'm a fairly experienced knitter, and I'm planning on embarking upon my first shawl, probably the Peacock Feathers one.

So, if the final width is 88", what size circs do I get? I assume I'll be able to squish, but should I just go for 40s? Or do I need more than one set? Obviously, if I had Denises, this would't be a problem...

By crazybones On 03/26/04  

The Addi Turbos come in a 60" length, maybe that would be better? Does the pattern come with recommendations? I would guess that if you're knitting back and forth, you might only need one pair.

Actually, probably the 40 would work, especially if you are using a lightweight wool and a lacy pattern. A lot of the length then is open space.

What;s the peacock shawl look like? I'm curious!

oh yeah, I don't know if the denises even have a really long cord. A friend is knitting a shawl and had to buy needles, even though she has denises.

By dustbunny On 03/26/04  

I made a shawl that was about 8 ft. wide and my 36 in. circs worked fine with lots of room to squish. I used bulky yarn and size 11 needles in case you needed to know.

By Ziza On 03/27/04  


By bonnell99 On 04/02/04  

pretty much any length past 16 inches will be fine. I find 24" to be the most versatile for almost everything

By ivy-bee On 04/02/04  

I'd agree with the 24" recommendation, if the yarn you use is anything lighter than a worsted.

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