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By Elf_Chick On 03/25/04  

What do you want? exercise some constructive selfishness.

- I want to be able to afford:
1) a book that i saw that would be perfect for one of my friends
2) a box of Chronicle Books notecards (they're cool, they're a good size and they don't have Hallmark-y crap on them; i had a set but there are like 2 left and i send a lot of mail)
3) a scarf i saw in a catalog today

- I want my @#$%^&* doctor to call me back. this is getting ridiculous.

- I want no head/neck related pain of any sort

- I want the baked coconut shrimp i'm planning to make this week-end to turn out well and be worth the effort

- I want to go to the botanical gardens this week-end

- I want to order some of the plain wooden frames i saw online, to paint/decorate by myself

- I want to send a collage to my friend's mother.

- I want the nap i took this afternoon not to affect my sleep tonight.

Now you...


By favorgrl On 03/25/04  

-I want my leg to stop freaking hurting and bleeding and oozing
-I want my test to come back negative
-I want the play I'm going to see tomorrow night be worth the $$$ I spent on tickets
-I want my house to pack itself, walk into the truck, walk into the place we're going to live and then unpack it's self
-I want to go on vacation, anywhere, I don't care where


By Elf_Chick On 03/25/04  

favorgrl, what happened to your leg? (i have been kind of out of the loop here of late, sorry)
hope it feels better soon!! {:[


By kittyroc On 03/25/04  

I want:
-a job! I want a job so bad.
-a new bookshelf for my kids' room. The one they have is getting packed!
-a new laptop, hopefully I'll be getting one soon.
-a car
-a complete set of Prismacolor colored pencils.
-a complete set of Copic markers.
-a new scale
-to be able to stick to my new eating healthy and excercising regularly lifestyle. So far so good!
-to try out a low fat tiramisu recipe I sort of made up. I don't know how it'll taste yet but if it turns out well, I'll post the recipe ^_^

By boxless On 03/25/04  

I want to go shopping this weekend.
I want a new car. (Mine is 4 years old!)
I want my house to magically clean itself.
I want to lose 20 more lbs.
I want sushi for dinner tonight.
I want my s/o to love me even more.
I want a 4.0 this semester.
I want to move soon.
I want bigger boobs =).
I want this semester to be over.
I want to have an amazing 21st bday in Memphis!
I want a tan.
I want this creative rut to end.
I want a vacation, and a job.

ETA more...I'm a selfish little bitch today =).

I want to find people to be interested in.
I want siblings.
I want to be the best student in my art class.
I want my mom and my dog to live forever.
I want my own house.

By ai On 03/25/04  

i want my purse to not be broken so i don't have to fuss with getting a new one or getting it fixed (but it is, and only magic would help).

i want the vacation my friend and i are planning to work out nicely and not cost me more than $800 in airfare/trainfare.

i want this semester to be over (and to do well in it) so i can apply (and get in!) to a grad school i actually would like to attend.

and a haircut, but that will come true as soon as i get myself to a salon.

By Bizwitch On 03/25/04  

i want elf chick (and everyone else!) to get everything on their list.

i want to lose about 20ish pounds. right now.

i want to fit into my stupid wedding dress. i will be livid if it doesn't within one month. hoping my major stress will be enough to kill my appetite and move things along.

i want all of the social drama that just exploded around me to just die already.

i want people to listen to logic. especially a couple choice friends of mine.

i want to find perfect shoes & jewelry to go with said wedding dress.


By Xuli On 03/25/04  

* I want my new tattoo to not itch or peel.
* I want my spring break not to be over so damn quickly.
* I want to have all the things on my spring break to-do list accomplished already so I can spend the rest of it doing nothing.
* I want Reyli Barba to release his solo album already, or to find out where to get the "Ladies Night" soundtrack, so I listen to "Desde que llegaste" nonstop. OR I want Reyli Barba NOT to release a solo album, so that Elefante won't break up.
* Like Boxless, I want a tan, too. But I want to have a tan and not be constantly torn about it: Yes, I look so much cuter with a tan, but am I going to die of skin cancer?
* After reading Kittyroc's list, I want me some low-fat tiramisu.

By BethG2 On 03/25/04  

I'm with Biz! I want to fit my wedding dress, by losing about 20 pounds, and I want the jewelry and shoes.

I want the job in Windsor, bad, bad, bad, bad!

I want a new spring jacket.

I want my wedding plans to be done.


By naturallysteph On 03/25/04  

--I want to find my dream home this weekend, and be able to buy it without competition.
--I want to find a decent or even nice job that makes decent or even nice pay as soon as I graduate (or maybe even a little earlier).
--I want my doggie to not be stressed out when my husband moves to Asheville ahead of us.
--I want new shoes. Mine have holes in them, and are uncomfortable to walk in.
--I want someone to switch workshop days with me, because I have no idea what my next story is going to be about and I don't have time to write it yet.


By sweater On 03/26/04  

Oh man, how I need this thread!

I want Chris.
I want LiveWire! Thank God it's back!
I want to wake up early enough tomorrow to go to the photolab before I go home for the weekend.
I want never to work with plaster again.
I want to start working on our catapult.
I want to not have any more papers to write this semester.
I want to get at least a 3.2 this term.
I want to shower.
I want the paint to come off my nails.
I want to see the last five minutes of the City of Lost Children.
I want to quit smoking.
I want to write a wonderful LiveJournal entry, and then complete some stuff in my journal/sketchbook.
I want to do Andrew's and Jamie's project before they're due.
I want some new clothes. I feel dumpy.
I want the weather to continue to improve.
I want to get drunk.
I want to sleep.

Ok, that's all!

By Elf_Chick On 03/26/04  

also, i want to be able to find a 3/4 sleeve v-neck black tee. (like an old one that i have, which is faded out and dyeing it didn't really revive it).


By ai On 03/26/04  

shannon--i got a t shirt from http://www.theperfectt.com and it's really nice. note that the prices are in canadian dollars, so they're not as bad as they seem. you can pick sleve and neck styles in any combination, and the fabric is really nice, stretchy but with a lot of body. the shirts are pretty long too, which is probably good for you since you're tall (right? not that i've ever met you, that's just my impression).

By Elf_Chick On 03/27/04  

thanks for the tee link, ai! i want to play around that site now :)


By crazybones On 03/26/04  

chocolate. loads of chocolate.

By valagator On 03/26/04  

I want:
to have fun this weekend without being stressed out.

my rash to go away and never return

my husband to have fun this week and still manage to get his work done

My friend Bee to have a happy stressfree move this coming week. and I want her new house to be everything she has ever wanted and more.

my parents to be wise with thier money

a scooter or other suitable transportation

my cats to live to be old with me.

to start saving money for a home or just start saving to be saving.

By randomellie On 03/26/04  

i want:

~for people to stop asking me when i'm going to have a baby
~to regain muscle and lose inches like i did 2 years ago but this time....*magically*
~to get out of cubicle-ville and do some kind of field work
~hubby to get a job doing what he loves
~fantabulous sex
~a new wardrobe
~to be a better seamstress

By topazdebutante On 03/26/04  

I want:

-to be able to take pilates and yoga
-for my payhcheck to be fixed
-a pedicure
-to be able to move to AZ
-to do more creative writing and possibly sell my stories
-to get good grades this semester
-a good lunch w/ a friend
-to go see sara machlacn(sp?)when she is in AZ
-a summer vacation
-spring break to be here now!
-a cat or 2..
-to buy and plant more gerbera daisies
-to go buy some summer clothes and not worry about the money
-my boyfriend to decided want he wants to do and be happy with it

Gee, I don't want a lot lately..


By sewfan On 03/26/04  

I want:
my mom's move to go easily and quickly
to be able to go down to SC and help her pack
the work week to be over already
to sit outside on our first sunny semiwarm day and read
my hubby to come home early tonight
to make a new purse
to have my taxes magically done and have a big fat return
my grandma to be and stay healthier (than she has been)
a hanging basket trio thing for my kitchen

By stargirley On 03/26/04  

I want:
it to be April 30th already so I can find out the sex of this baby and stop calling it "it".

A car/Van/SUV that i can afford and get a good deal on trading in my Jetta for that will fit 6 or more people.

Maternity leave to come sooner

My energy back
Hot flashes to stop

My fiance to just go with the flow for easter and not make it uncomfortable for anyone. and to not have to change the plans and drive home instead of spending the night. I hate family stuff. I'll probably post about this elsewhere too.

I guess that's it for now.

By kittyroc On 03/26/04  

I want my husband's gout to go away. My poor guy can hardly walk...

By fuzzydice On 03/26/04  

I want...

* my friends to stop fighting
* "him" to notice/stop avoiding/magically fall madly in love with me
* B in both chem. and Alg.II
* a kitty :)
* mom to let be go to the georgetown program this summer
* everyone to be happy
* to be less stressed...and uptight

By Alterego On 03/26/04  

I want

--my foot and ankle to stop hurting so I can finish my 11-mile run on Sunday (although what I REALLY want is to not have to run 11 miles on Sunday)
--a few beers after work. And perhaps some macaroni and cheese.
--someone to fix me multiple delicious hot and healthy meals so I can stop obsessing over food preparation (and starving nonetheless)
--the movie star who slept on my living room floor last week to call me!!!

By costumekitten On 03/26/04  

hmm, i want:

- to buy the gorgeous house we saw in AZ last weekend (hey topaz, where in AZ are you going?)
- to continue to work out with weights after my trainer sessions are over
- to have a nice date with my boy tonight
- to do well in my new position at work
- to not complain about stupid things so often
- my new choice of career to be what i hope it will
- more kitties!


By topazdebutante On 03/26/04  

I want to go to Chandler hopefully. I might be near Tempe, just the phoenix area in general..u?

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