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By amigarabita On 03/25/04  

my daughter is having her 6th birthday party on 4/5. it is a dress-up (princess dresses, faux pearls, white gloves...) tea party (mix n match tea cups from salvation army) kind of affair. the pearls and feather boas are for pre-tea primping/party favors. i really want it to be special. i need your ideas for games, activities, more party favors, food, decorations, whatever you've got! thanks!

By luci_mama On 03/25/04  

This page has a bazillion ideas:

At the moment I'm too brain-dead to think of any, myself, but if something comes to me, I'll post it later.

Have fun! I have two sons, no daughters. We did a MAJOR MAJOR Blues Clues party last year, and a puppet party for my little guy. I expect this year both of them will want Thomas the Tank Engine and/or trains in general. Someday I'll probably really want to do a teaparty.....

By melmelon On 03/25/04  

This is so fun!!! I can't wait until my girls are old, I would think the smaller the better...little bite-sized no-crust sandwiches, petit fours, etc. A really good book for teensy tiny baked goods is by Flo Braker, SWEET MINIATURES - lots of beautiful stuff in there. A little take home box of little mini treats would be a great party favor. Maybe check out Martha Stewert's website, she's kind of in line with this sort of over-the-top-girly stuff.

By MojoMama On 03/27/04  

what about small jewelery boxes as favors? you can get wooden ones fairly cheap at Michael or Hobby Lobby. Then provide glue, glitter, beads, etc for them to glue on and viola! a place to keep all their special stuff! Am I right in thinking that girls this age love this sort of thing? I don't know because I have a boy, but I remember loving little boxes and purses-anything I could keep trinkets in.
This sounds like so much fun!

By kayke On 03/28/04  

My daughter turned 6 last December; one thing that I did was make a bunch of cupcakes and let the kids decorate them themselves, instead of making a big cake. They liked the activity, I put out a couple of different frostings and a bunch of sprinkles and let them go nuts! Put something down on the floor if you don't want to be cleaning frosting off for days!


By KattWalk On 03/28/04  

kayke, that's what i want at my wedding! a cupcake bar!

I'm so excited about doing birthday parties. My good friend's son is turning one in a couple of weeks and she is throwing him a book party, where everyone brings him a book to add to his library.

I hope your little girl's party is absolutely di-VINE. You should introduce that phrase into her vocabulary so she can say it during the tea party.

By Melynn On 03/29/04  

My sister just did a big party for her son (who turned 4) and it was great! She got a piniata, but for party favors she gave out paper bags with little tubs of paint, a spoon, a little can of plaster, toilet paper tube lined with wax paper and instructions on how to mix it up to make your own sidewalk chalk. It is so cool!! I don't have all the instructions here with me, but if you want I can get them.
She also gave out folders to all the kids that she had photocopied all the pages out of a craft book on how to make crafts out of regular houshold items. (she got the book from a retired teacher).
It was so great, all the kids had fun and my kids are still going through the book picking out what they want to do. Oh she also stuck an extra paper bag in the folder for the puppet project.


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