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By biggerkrissy On 03/25/04  

Hey everyone -

I'm interested in doing Feria Urbana in May, but the transportation costs and stuff would be sort of costly. Not huge expense or anything, but enough that I would want to make sure I could recoup the costs.

Has anyone done it? Can you tell me how you did? How other vendors did? Was it fun? Busy?

Anything would be a tremenous help! Thanks.


By ksue On 03/25/04  

Hey Krissy.

I did it, it was fun, and it was pretty profitable. However, it depends on what is "worth it" to you - if you add up expenses (coming up from SoCal) and time you'd have to sell a ... unless you were combining it with store visits, etc. and doing a multipurpose trip.

It was well-organized and the woman who runs it has a great eye.

It's hard to say how "worth it" a lot of these shows are as contacts made, etc. can really bear fruit down the line.

Feel free to email me off-board, too.


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