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By trustallstars On 03/25/04  

Hi Everybody!
I've decided to throw an art yard sale May 1st ( itsa Saturday...May Day...) hope some of you can participate!this is what i am thinking...
-any art/fine crafts you have around you just can't bare too look at any more
-anything new you want to make(art/craft/clothing/jewelry...whatever)
-old art supplies
-art/craft related books & patterns
-yard art

The address will be 1548 East Market Street, York, PA. You can send stuff,
( but send it to 970 Upland Road, York, PA 17403 thats my home address)
drop stuff off, or you can come spend the day. I'm going to put an ad in the paper, and post signs..I dont know how exciting or busy it will get...but this is York County, and it's on a main road...and if it's nice weather people around here LIVE for yardsales and bargains.
We'll see what happens...the only other rules are...

-$10 to sell your stuff ( to pay for lemonade and advertising & permit) If more than 10 people sign up though, that will drop to $5/ea....I just want to make sure to cover the permit and paper ad!
-plus if you send it , you will need to include enough money for me to ship whats left back to you. other than that...i hope some of you want to contribute...and know some other people to contribute also.

those of you living in Baltimore or Lancaster...I can make a group arrangement to pick stuff up or meet half way.

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