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By papergirl On 03/25/04  

I have heard comments that using Frontpage to create web sites is bad for business. It seems that most people look down on Frontpage...
please forgive my cluelessness - but what is wrong with using Frontpage?
I'd really like to understand before I invest the time and money on another expensive software (I only have FP2000).

thank you much!

By plainmabel On 03/25/04  

Having taught both FrontPage and Dreamweaver, I 100% agree with people who say that FrontPage is bad for business. The main issue with it is that it adds tons of extraneous code that slows down your page. It also has lots of things that look like cool, easy-to-use features like its own navigation bars and photo galleries...that use Java instead of normal HTML and/or JavaScript code (don't confuse Java with JavaScript, btw). Very, very few Web pages need to have Java on them, and those that do have a much higher rate of visitors who can't see the content or get their browsers crashed by it all.

Rather than invest your money in software right now, I'd recommend spending some time learning HTML for free online or from an inexpensive class. When you're comfortable with it, then you can move on more easily to editing software such as Dreamweaver or GoLive.

By ursonate On 03/25/04  

I have never seen a site designed with Frontpage that actually looked good.

Learn HTML. It's much cheaper.

By ksue On 03/25/04  

I use front page.

However, when uploading I try to make sure it does not load extraneous junk.

I have to say, I have had to choose between time and doing something optimal, and I have chosen to use FP because the learning curve was much less steep. It was a call I had to make in terms of how I use my time, and in the process I'm learning html.... I do all the editing in html view anyway as it's too easy to eff up stuff in the WYSIWYG mode.



By jennymeg On 03/27/04  

I actually think your page DOES look quite good ksue. . . but then, I also use frontpage, and as far as expense goes, mine was/is (legal and) free. I do go in and edit in html mode.

I think if I had to pay for *something* though, it would be something else. I see lots of warnings and postings about things that do not work, specifically for "Front Page users." Can't think of a specific example, though.

By Katrin On 03/27/04  

I second the recommendation for plain HTML. I've always just used Notepad - it's free, and you don't have to spend time learning some wonky new interface.

By Imabarbedoll On 03/29/04  

I use Frontpage Express-thats the REALLY crappy way to go....I do not recommend it.

I have Front Page and Dreamweaver. I do not have the time, interest or patience to learn any of it...that is MY problem LOL. I dont' like to sit in front of the computer for any lenght of time, so I used FPexpress. and it shows....I'm in the middle of trying to learn Front Page but its SO boring and I'm not "getting" frustrates me to no end. But I need to redo my site and have it basically "plug and play"....guess I need to get over it and take a darn class!


By artzyfartzy On 03/27/04  

i use frontpage...but I also know html. I let frontpage do what it can and I tinker with the rest by editing the html.

By papergirl On 03/28/04  

thank you very much everyone for your thoughts. It is also good to see some of your sites made with frontpage that look very nice. Due to my time constraint, I will use frontpage but edit the html for now. When I have more time (!), I will definitely explore other editing tools.

thanks again!

By Stinky On 03/28/04  

I like FrontPage, but I don't have the money to buy it. But I learned it in high school. Anyhow, you can make reeeeeeeally cheesy things with it that are horribly unprofessional, and that's a risk you take. You have to have an eye to know what looks good on the page and what looks... well, not so good. FrontPage templates can create really generic pages that a lot of people dislike because they're so generic.

There are lots of online resources to learn HTML for free. Or see if your library has any books to check out on the topic. You can use your imagination to come up with a professional webpage rather than have something rather blah.

By Michy On 03/30/04  

I use Frontpage, but I bought a design template from an online company for like $20 or so. The best investment I've ever ever made.

I still can't edit things to look exactly like I want, but I am satisfied with it at this point. I think if I end up doing a design upgrade I'm going to have to hire someone, there is no way I'll be able to learn this stuff myself.

I really recommend the design template thing.

By Imabarbedoll On 03/30/04  

Where did you get the template, if you don't mind me asking!

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