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By RenegadeCraft On 03/24/04  

hey everybody!
we've reconstructed our website and are now ready to start accepting applications for this year's Renegade Craft Fair! the fair will be held in chicago's wicker park on september 18 + 19 from 10:30 am - 5:30 pm. yay....two days this time around! so go check out the website and find out all the details and apply. we have some photos of last year's fair up too, so that's kinda fun.

okay, talk to you us with any questions + comments.

go here-->>

Sue + Kathleen
Renegade Craft Fair

By ursonate On 03/25/04  

Hmmmm, any plans yet for other parts of the country?

By meandbdesign On 03/25/04  

I would be all about putting one together in Raleigh, NC ... I want to participate in this years but don't know if I can afford the travel :)

ETA: Actually, planning on putting together something in the future, anyone from the South, or NC area who would be interested?

By ursonate On 03/25/04  

oooh, competition...

By ceebee On 03/25/04  

I looked at your application and noticed that you can't supply tables. Do you have any suggestions for girls wanting to come from out of town? I'd be flying in from Atlanta and I've never been to Chicago so I would have no idea where to rent a table and then how to manuever it from rental place to the park. I'm sure there are other girls wondering the same thing. I totally understand why you wouldn't want to be responsible for taking care of this, but maybe you have ideas.
Thanks, Christy
PS--yes, I'd be interested in a similar type fair in the southeast.

By RenegadeCraft On 03/25/04  

hey all,
we would love to travel with the fair, but have another venture in the works right now that eats up most of our time. hopefully in the future we can travel with the Renegade Craft Fair every spring to a city near you! there are a few other fairs that we know of that seem fun out in boston and california (bazaar bizzare...punk rock craft fair).
as far as tables go, we didn't provide any tables last year....nobody really asked. however, we'll check with the park to see if they have some we could use. last year i know of one person who rented a table, but it was expensive to have it delivered. others had friends or family that live here. you could post here on glitter to see if somebody would lend a table.....or ship/bring a few folding card tables.
okay, that's about to you soon!

sue + kathleen>

By KittenCndy On 03/25/04  

I wouldve loved it if you provided tables. I was the one that rented and delivery was about 10 times the price of the tables, chairs and garment rack since it was a flat rate. If I got a group of people that wanted to rent we could split the delivery cost.

By RenegadeCraft On 03/26/04  

*If I got a group of people that wanted to rent we could split the delivery cost.*

there's the spirit! our whole purpose of making the fee so low is so that it can be kept low maintenence. the park may have a few extras we can borrow....or maybe you guys could rent from them. i'll find that out. it might be easier to drive in if you live close enough....that way you'll save the headache and $$ of renting, and you'll have everything you need!
also, if you want to come from out-of-town, but are worried of just breaking even....i think it would be worthwhile anyway considering all of the exposure you'll receive. you can hand out promotional stuff for our website/shop, and just your link up on our website alone could send alot of traffic to your business.
we can't wait for this year's fair! tons of people have already applied, and it's sure to be bigger and better than last year's. yay! okay, talk to ya soon people!
sue + kathleen

By funkyutopia On 03/26/04  

although it sounds like a great time and probably really profitable, i couldn't travel that far and break even. but keep us posted if it ever travels to other cities.

as far as in the southeast - i think there would be a huge interest! there are rarely events like this one (that i know of) outside of home shows in atlanta. i know several people who would be interested!!

By ursonate On 03/26/04  

But I think if you turn the whole thing into a big business trip and do other things like scout out for new stores to sell in and stuff like that, it could be very profitable for out of town folks.

Plus with Chicago being an airline hub, I bet there will be some decent airfares. Well, maybe.

By misshawklet On 03/26/04  

i was thinking of going and just making a mini vacation out of it, and scope it out for a possiblity for next year. Hey, maybe a bunch of us can rent out hotel rooms and hang out all weekend!

By ceebee On 03/27/04  

Yah, I'm going to try and go even if I don't end up selling. Mini-vacation is exactly what I'm thinking!
And if I do end up selling, out-of-towners should collaborate on the table delivery. Team work!
How fun would that be if a bunch of people stayed in the same place. Maybe the Chicago girls have suggestions on where to stay.

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