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By thesecondmagpie On 03/24/04  

I have posted this on la vida crafty and craft projects boards, but if
anyone who would like to accompany me in throwing a baby shower for kattwalk all sign up here....
As one of my favorite glitter gals I think this could be a really fun venture using our crafty talents for her soon to be little one.

By researchasaurus On 03/24/04  

I'm in, as you know by the other threads.

If anyone would like to knit a 6" x 6" garter-stitch square out of cotton or cotton blend and send to me, I will sew up into a lovely baby blanket (or two...) for KattWalk.


By thesecondmagpie On 03/25/04  

Alright, if any one would like to make something else for KattWalk or her soon to be, I would still like to send her a care package.
So if you would like to make any thing please email me with your name (glitter and otherwise)
my email address is

I would also like to contribute to the blanket.

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