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By madgeylou On 03/24/04  

does anyone know where i can find adjustable webbing-type straps with openable but secure hooks on the end? hard to describe ... here's a link which shows what i mean.

i would order from these guys, but i don't want to have to have them actually manufactured for me.

any ideas?
many thanks!

By plainmabel On 03/24/04  

I looked into this a *long* time ago for someone and recall that you pretty much have to do custom orders based on the strap and closures you're looking for. Here's another site that does it in case this helps: Maybe you can call Sturges and this place and get quotes.

By raspsgirl On 03/24/04  

Same here, I use OWF (Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics) as my supplier, - they are very nice people in Nampa, Idaho who have an awesome selection of webbing and clips and more.


By madgeylou On 03/25/04  

hey nedra how exactly did you specify what you wanted to them?

i guess i could just call them and find out :D

By raspsgirl On 03/25/04  

I recommend that you call them and get their most recent catalog and any samples that would apply to you. The more you buy, the cheaper it is of course. For example, I bought 100 mitten clips from them at under 10 cents each and I bought them individually at a store in Portland, they were like 25-30 cents, it's so awesome to buy in bulk.

Do you know what kind of webbing and clips you are looking for?

By madgeylou On 03/25/04  

just standard 3/4-1" wide black or silver nylon webbing -- metal clips -- that's about it.

thanks for the advice!

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