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By KattWalk On 03/24/04  

I love

Do you have any others? My kid is going to be a styling political babe.

By modkitty On 03/24/04  

Thanks for posting that link! I've been searching everywhere for a Bowie shirt for baby!

I also like:

There are a ton more links at this website:


edd 8/22/04

By looloo On 03/24/04  

Thanks for these links! I have so many ideas now! If only one of them had a "little indie rocker" t-shirt or something. My four year old loves indie rock! I guess I will have to make one!

By lillil On 03/24/04  

Find somebody who has one of those fancy pants computerized sewing machines that do custom embroidery. Some friends of mine made a whole bunch of onesies for Eleanor with things like, "You're Part of the Problem", "Art Dork", and "Eleanor Hates Propaganda" embroidered on them. I'll cherish them forever.

By Eva666 On 03/24/04 has some great kids clothes links. and is cute but expensive. if im gonna spend $30 on a kids t-shirt (which i'e done a total of one time so far) i get it a size larger than needed so i dont feel like she'll grow out of it in a week. plus over-sized shirts are cute on toddlers.

By thixle On 03/24/04  

Oh, wow... Thanks for the links! I'm about to be an aunt again! This time, it is my little bro's and both he & his gf live with me. I'm going to have the coolest niece or nephew on the planet (hehe, unless that title is already taken in here).

By kazmatraz On 03/25/04  

just signed up today and can i say, i LOVE that there is a cool mama discussion board! the birth of my little boy prompted me to start making re-worked (from vintage t's)shirts for babies and toddlers. there is plenty of coolio girl's stuff, but little for rockin' boys. i buy vintage rock/varsity/touristy adult t-shirts and re-size them with 3/4 sleeves. they are a big hit and i am hoping to get a web-site up and running soon. if you are a crafty gal, they are pretty easy to make. if you are at all nostalgic, you can re-work old concert shirts of yours for the kids! i made a 'helix' shirt for my friend's kid with his old shirt. rock on!

By luci_mama On 03/25/04  

Some of these are way too offensive, but some are pretty funny:

(Look at the main page for adult-sized shirts ... I'm digging the "You'll vote this time, hippy!" shirt.

By cackalackie On 03/25/04  

Thank you!

I've been looking for ages for a Clash t-shirt for my 4-year-old. Her baby sister even got one when she was born. (I had to respond that they only make them for babies and grown-ups when she asked why she couldn't get one!)

luci - I love some of those ones. Haven't looked there in a while, but really love the "Daddy drinks because I cry." If I thought my friends would wear it, I'd buy it (2 friends about to be dads.) They're a little expensive for a gag gift.

On the subject of t-shirts --- and the earlier poster who said she makes them... I have an idea for a t-shirt that I want, but it would involve silk-screening an image of someone, along with a slogan. How can I get someone to make one for me? (I think it would be a great idea for a t-shirt to sell - but the fact that it has someone's image, you'd need permission.)

By looloo On 03/25/04  

Not that my brother is a kid or anything, but I could so see him wearing the "my daddy drinks because I cry" t-shirt! I would hate to get it for his daughter because he will then probably make here wear it everywhere!

By kazmatraz On 03/26/04  

with regards to making your can take your design into a silk-screening shop and most places will do one, although it might be pricey. you might have to buy a shirt from them as well. another cheaper alternative is to buy iron-on transfer paper for your computer printer and design your own! and as far as copyright goes, if you are only doing small runs of shirts, i wouldn't worry about it. the worst that might happen is that you get a nasty letter. big whoop.

By looloo On 03/26/04  

So if I were to make t's for my girls someone may send me a nasty letter? Or only if I were selling them?

By bratgirl On 03/27/04  


For cowboy stuff (good for rockabilly look)>

For the metal head>

A crafty girl's site>


By kazmatraz On 03/27/04  

the chance of getting a nasty letter is slim to none. i know some gals who have had a small biz (in which they have used a number of images that might be copyrighted) for 5 years and only once have they ever gotten a letter...and all it said was "stop using our image" they did. no big deal. so i say go forth and create, mama!

By cackalackie On 03/29/04  

OK - Who wants to make me a t-shirt? I have the concept...

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