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By hilatron On 03/24/04  

Hi all! I just put up my website,, and I'm looking for other crafters to exchange links with. Is anyone interested?

(I'd also welcome feedback on my site, of course! Thanks for looking!)

By Bumble V On 03/24/04  

I'm right in the process of updating my links page (ahh, I don't know why I always let it pile up so much!) and would love to add your link!

Your tulle pins are pretty!

By funkyutopia On 03/24/04  

your monster stockings are absoulutely *adorable*!! i like the purple purse, too.
i'm totally addicted to exchanging links and swapping promo goodies with other crafy people (intervention?) i'll add your link tonight. good luck with your site!!


By hilatron On 03/24/04  

Thanks, guys! I'll post your links tonight, and keep an eye out for other takers.

By plainmabel On 03/24/04  

I'll put your link up shortly -- thanks for linking to me! :)

Edited to add: there's an old link swap thread with lots of folks on it -- I'll try to find and bump it.

By favorgrl On 03/25/04  

Sure. I'll link you this weekend. Mine is


By teriyakipuck On 03/25/04  

swap ya!
I just put up my site this week too!>

By hilatron On 03/25/04  

I put up everyone's link tonight. Thanks! Might I humbly suggest that we move further link exchange requests to this thread:

Since I inadvertently started this extraneous thread, I just wanted to point everyone in the direction of the official one. Cheers!

By CraftyChicaAZ On 03/25/04  

i'll add you this week, mine is

i love your site!

By sparklepoppy On 03/26/04  

Thanks for adding my link! I'll be adding yours this weekend.


By ineedyouso On 03/28/04

it is jussssst starting out, as to why i am still using geocities as a host, but very very soon will it be better [and i'm adding you all to my links]

By funkyutopia On 03/28/04  

i posted on the other link thread as well, but since there are different posts on this thread... and so many new ones! keep on crafting on!!

i'll add everyone that i don't already have linked on my site today. here is mine,


By bloominglotus On 03/28/04

By jesskbg On 03/30/04  

I'll be adding your site within the week. I love your designs!


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