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By misspenni On 03/24/04  

I am very new to the world of e-commerce and I am so thrilled to have a forum like this with many crafty types sharing their wisdom. I am looking over hosting packages for my website-to-be and I am very interested in, as it appears they have what I need. The low cost is very enticing but at the same time making me apprehensive. And the requirement that one has to sign up for 12 months with them is making me hesitate. I have also noticed a few posts indicating people have had problems with them and I am wondering: have these issues been resolved? I am also looking at and have yet to hear any complaints about them. I would like to get going on setting up my website ASAP and would appreciate any input, thanks. (I know the topic of webhost vs. webhost has been discussed over and over--sorry about the repetition!--but I haven't seen any recent posts on this subject).

By plainmabel On 03/24/04  

I just wanted to put my vote in for Lunarpages since you mentioned them. I've been very happy with them and pay on a 3-month basis. I'd never pay for any host for a year b/c you never know if they're going to have a major issue and you'll need to find a new host (which is what happened with my previous two hosts, Surpass and Interland).

By misspenni On 03/24/04  

Thank you for the input, plainmabel. I will definately give Lunarpages a second look. The main hesitation I had with them is that their telephone support hours are limited to 7am to 5pm PST (I am a "nightowl" and keep odd hours). But their other forms of support look very thorough...

By naturallysteph On 03/25/04  

I'm glad I found this post. I have been going back and forth between Doteasy and Dreamhost -- I have heard both good & bad things about them. I wasn't aware of Lunarpages, but I like that I can sign up for three months at a time. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, plainmabel! It looks like this might be what I need.



By idared On 03/25/04  

I moved from Doteasy to Dreamhost a year ago and i didn't regret it once, in fact i am very glad i did.

I was having issues with Doteasy with my site being down occassionally and much more frequently, my email not working. I was hosting my ecommerce business with them so having constant email troubles was unaccceptable to me. I moved to Doteasy and i am so happy i did, they offer great service, there are no outages, or if there is some glitch they will let you know about it right away and resolve it quickly. Their customer service is great and they give you so many features, there is really room to grow there! I would definitely recommend them over Doteasy!

By populuxa On 03/25/04  

i am on doteasy! i feel like i should defend them a little. it seems to be a good price for what they offer, i've had no problem with their service and it is very very easy to use. they have some nice included functions too - like an email list thingy for newsletters which i find very convenient.

i might upgrade my service so i can have more storage space for images. however, my boy does my webpage and there is some complicated thing he wants to do with it now, which he seems to think doteasy doesn't support. i'm not really sure what his grand plan is (i think he wants to make some kind of searchable database or something? you can tell who is the computer engineer and who is the artist in this relationship hehe.) anyway, but if you are really concerned about making something fancy, i can give you more info if you need it.


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