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By funkyutopia On 03/24/04  

hey all!
i received this email today from the small business sector of the irs website. maybe some of the links will be helpful. these websites are chuck full of great info!! here's the email...

Coming Soon....The 2004 Small Business Resource Guide CD
The 2004 Small Business Resource Guide CD-ROM has a new look and enhanced navigation features to assist with your search efforts. This handy, interactive CD contains all the business tax forms, instructions and publications to successfully manage a business. In addition, the CD provides a wide variety of web links to various government agencies, business associations and IRS organizations. To order your copy, visit the SB/SE website at:,,id=101169,00.html
or call the IRS toll-free number at 1-800-829-3676.

The Office of Professional Responsibility has added a link on
"How to Choose a Return Preparer" on the web site. This is part of the joint OPR and SB/SE effort to address Return Preparer issues. For more information, go to the Newsroom page at,,id=120803,00.html

Have you seen the IRS Small Business/Self-Employed website lately?
We have a variety of tools to help you-just click on

Find out who is partnering with the IRS to provide information
and resources for your business. Visit the IRS Small Business/Self Employed Partners page at,,id=101200,00.html.

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