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By MoBo On 03/23/04  

I have a bunch of fabrics and trims that I'm trying to sell. I don't need them for any of my projects and they're pretty much just taking up space. Only thing is, I don't really know how to get the word out. I've posted on a few boards and I've had some sales (yay!) but I haven't sold that much. I have an eBay account but I don't really want to put my stuff up there because it won't give me flexibility (in pricing and how much to sell). Does anyone have any advice?

By funkyutopia On 03/24/04  

this is a long shot, but you could also take a classified ad out in one of your better local newspapers. list that you have fabric trims, silks in various lengths, etc. and give a # to call for pricing. all types of people read the classifieds for different reasons - never know who might want what you have to sell. so, like i said a long shot but worth a try.

you could also make a few flyers and post them on community bulletin boards in local craft shops, fabric shops, sewing supply and machine shops, libraries and schools. you could always list your website of photos on the flyer (and in the classified ad) as a reference for photos as to what you have to sell. good luck!!

* and ladies, i can vouch for the crafty notions she has to offer. i purchased a whole lotta yards of pretty fabric trim. if you are looking for some supplies, check out her stash!! *

By SewPrettyChick On 03/24/04  

I would be interested in taking a look at them ff you have any pics. Feel free to email me.

By MoBo On 03/24/04  

Hi Nicole! Thanks for the advice :-) I really liked the classifieds idea, but when I checked with my local newspapers, they're all pretty expensive ($50-150) so it's a little too rich for my blood now. I think I might try the flyers thing, but I'm going to scout out places first since my library's really crummy and my local craft store is a Michael's and I'm not sure if they have a bulletin board for public use.

Hi Raquel, I tried to email you with the link to my site, but my email's being stupid and isn't working so I'll just post it here.
PS I'll be posting more over the next few days

I thought about contacting people individually via email who own crafty businesses, but do you think that would come off as too pushy?

By DeborahM On 03/25/04  

You posted this in LJ right? I was wondering if I 'knew you'!
Now I will have to go get my list together and e-mail you!

By MoBo On 03/25/04  

Yup and cool! I've got a lot of tulle and lace especially and bunches of other stuff so please inquire :-)

By SeraAngel On 03/26/04  

have you tried posting at

i believe it's free to post...

By hightide On 03/26/04  

Could you explain about the lack of flexibility on eBay? I've seen trim sold on eBay by the yard or by the foot - they list it as a Dutch auction.

By MoBo On 03/26/04  

I've heard of Craiglist but I've never really looked at it, so I'll check it out, thanks :-)

I didn't know you could do that! THe stuff I've sold so far is books and mags, I had no idea you could sell trim by the foot or yard. In that case, I take the inflexibility part back ;-)
Complete sidenote, but Hightide, are you the crafter that created bottlecap lockets?

By DeborahM On 03/30/04  

Hey girl.
Can you tell me cost and a few details on a select few please?
Tag#14Fringe $?
Picture #84 Zbeaded patches$?
Page#89 what kind of fabric is this?$?
Tag#161 is this lace stretch? $?
Tag#21 $?
Tag#149 $?
Tag#122 Tulle with flowers,is it white?, $?
Tag #47 are these beads? $?

By MoBo On 03/31/04  

Hi Deborah (love the name ;-)) number 14 is on hold right now for someone else, but if it falls through, you'll be the first to know. The Z patches are $1.20 each; 89 is a metallic lace applique and it's $2.50; 161 is stretch lace :-( ; 21 is $1.50 yd; 149 is $1.50 each; 122 is a metallic silver; 47 is a trim, but you could cut the connectors and use the pieces however, it's $1.25 yd. Hope I answered everything :-)

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