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By SundayDriver On 03/23/04  

so i bought this cool wrapping paper at goodwill with pictures of bambi all over it, but i dont know what to do with it besides the obvious. any suggestions?

By bbaltimore On 03/24/04  

Well you could start by shooting some hi-rez scans for the rest of us!

When i get a hold of something like that I always want to save it for something cool and then I never end up using it. So now I scan everything so that if I want to use it later I can print it again.

I'd say some sort of image transfer or perhaps a bag with with the image on it might be cool. Buttons are always neat too. Bookmarks and bookcovers? Origami? T-Shirts?

By SundayDriver On 03/24/04  

ufortunatley i dont have a scanner.

By MoBo On 03/25/04  

I don't know if you know about craftster, but they've got some great paper projects, here is a link

I had another link on how to make a coin purse using pictures from magazines and contact paper, but I can't find it in my folder

Edit: The link doesn't work right when I try it, so you may have to cut and paste for the project to come up.

By sprung On 03/25/04  

Ahh, I love anything with deer...

By purdykitten On 03/27/04  

you could cover some good condition shoe boxes or any boxes and use them for storage, or a soup can for a pencil holder

By jessy9 On 03/29/04  

Turn it into stationery--you can get an envelope stencil at most craft stores and go at it!

By SeraAngel On 03/30/04  

cover blank note books with it and jazz it up with some ribbon.
you can pick up blank books at the dollar store

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