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By loveplusone On 03/23/04  

hello! okay this is going to sound like I'm rambling but-
recently I was adviced to go to my local paper and fill out an LLC (this is what its called in NY, it might differ state to state- like in LA, I think its called fictitious name filling, anyway-
I'm supposed to pay like $200 for running a six week notice - my "legal notice" -which lays claim to my business name? ( my business is only me, sole designer, proprietor and I work from home, should i still do this?)
it seems like from all the misinformation I've been given this $200/6 week run only runs in the borough to which the paper belongs, that being Brookyln. Does anyone know what I'm talking about- or a
paper to run legal notice in that would cover all the boroughs and the city? is this even possible? do I even really need to do this? help!??

By msmetro On 03/24/04  

I had to do this for my incorporation, and thankfully, my lawyer took care of the nitty gritty. In Illinois, there are regulations about circulation, which disqualified certain newspapers....If your state has a website, do a search for business incorporation and see if there's any further information. If not, then I'd call your local Small Business Administration office and see what they say...good luck.
ms m

By ursonate On 03/24/04  

Maybe you should be asking the NY Post or the Daily News how much it costs. Oh yeah, and the Village Voice. I used to enjoy reading the name change notices there.

By loveplusone On 03/25/04  

no, I don't mean the costs, but what I was wondering was if, any of you had done this and know that it is a necessary thing to do? or if you could share your experience of this process?

By loveplusone On 03/25/04  

thanks for the advice- the reason I am asking you ladies is because I feel like the SBA and all those gov. agencies will try and get every dollar they can from you, even when its not necessary - My CPA advised me to keep the IRS out of my business as much as possible- file a "legal notice" and get a P.O Box. end of story for now- until I have a business of more than 4 employees? does this sound familiar?

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