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By ookpik On 03/23/04  

i wanted to share this article about branding that i found useful. the real goodies start on page 2.

do you folks think much about branding in terms of designing how people perceive your business? i get completely obsessed! it is a complex and interesting thing to design.

do you have favorite brands, strictly in terms of branding (not product)? right now i'm really impressed with Dreamhost-- they have the balance of professional skill and hip friendliness right on the money.

By sarahelizabeth On 03/23/04  

thanks for sharing! this topic is pretty important right now to me, too--the jewelry business i have with two partners has recently become the jewelry business i have with one partner--and we're thinking of making it a fresh start and renaming ourselves and the whole bit. for me, coming up with a name, tagline, etc. is really difficult, because i want something along the lines of what the guy in the article is talking about--simple, easy to remember, but distinctly associated with the product.

by the way--do you use dreamhost? i'm just curious because we're shopping around for a web-hosting service, and looking for suggestions. if you do, how's that going for you?

By ursonate On 03/23/04  

Branding can be cool, but is frequently overdone ( I guess people have to make a living at it). I do my best to not be loyal to any one brand except for the ones that are truly distinctive, but that is usually because their brand is inherent in the quality of their products in which case the branding is unconscious rather than manufactured like most. If I think about it long enough, I'll come up with an example of this...

By i sew vinyl On 03/24/04  

this probably isn't the same branding as in the article, but I buy handmade and artist made and like to get info cards about the person who made the item, how to contact them/website address, and save them if they are well designed, have a cool logo, etc.

I also prefer to buy signed art, and was suprised how many folks don't sign their work. Last painting I bought I supplied a marker so he could sign the back.

When I make things I consider them kind of part of me because they come from my hands... so I label them.

By ookpik On 03/24/04  

ursonate, i think i know what you mean. i find it really obnoxious when a brand is obviously manufactured and has nothing to do with the actual product or company (it's just the same old paper, but for some reason is trying to look "funky kewl!"). i agreed with the part of that interview that said you can only influence the brand people already perceive, you can't control it outright.

and sarahelizabeth, i do use dreamhost and i have a total crush on them. they know what they're doing, they're cheap, friendly, and their tech support is amazing. (end of infomercial)

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