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By Katrin On 03/23/04  

Okay, I know that you have at least some degree of legal protection if you just put or "copyright [your name]" on something you've made. And I know it's even more secure and official if you actually register the item as copyrighted, and that's inexpensive to do. However, my questions:

1. What exactly is the difference in coverage between those two things? How much more legal protection (and what kind) do you have if your copyright is registered, versus just saying it?

2. Is it possible to copyright something with a business name if you haven't officially licensed that name yet? (I'd guess not, but want to make sure.) What's the bare minimum you need to do that - for instance, is "copyright [your name] and [business name]" enough? Or do you have to be at least registered somewhere as "DBA"?

3. Oh, and one more question - Where can you get copyright registration forms? Do you have to order them from somewhere? (I know once you have one, you can make copies.) Is there a site with a PDF you can print?

By ursonate On 03/23/04  

I just randomly typed this in and who knew:

Anything this site doesn't answer could be answered by an IP attorney.

By Katrin On 03/24/04  

Thank you so much for finding that! I think it will answer all my questions. :)

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