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By rahrahreeh On 03/22/04  

i quite enjoyed reading this:

it's not something i would need to do now (considering i don't even have a business license yet), but i liked being able to see the steps it would take in coming up with a plan (even though it is a simple and basic format). tis neat!

By Katrin On 03/23/04  

Thank you for that link. I haven't officially started my business yet either, and one of the things holding me back is that I don't have a good understanding of what a business plan is. It seems everyone tells you how important it is to have one, but no one mentions exactly *how* it's done.

The article looks very helpful. I've saved it for closer reading at another time.

By misshawklet On 03/23/04  

rahrah: remember its great to have a business plan before you even open your business, that is what I am working on. Some people in my class are working on plans even if they've been in business for years, and its something you should revise each year, ideally, to have a real concrete "plan" of the year.

My city offers free classes for low to moderate incomed people. check to see if your city has a small business assoc. and they can probably help you out for free or cheap.

By ksue On 03/23/04  

This is great. I intended to do a business plan when I got started last year, but... making stuff, etc. sort of took precedence! Now I feel that it would be well worth the time, and I'd feel more in control I think. Just getting goals on paper is so important, I think.

Thanks for this, gals!


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