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By favorgrl On 03/22/04  

I'm just curious, but what did you have to do to get your business license? In the county I'm in now all I had to do was pay $14 to register my business name. I'm getting ready to move to the next county over and they want everything but a DNA sample. Site plan, floor plan, prove I can park at least 3 vehicles off of the road (even though no customers will be coming to my house), affidavit. I don't even want to know how much this is going to cost me.


By ursonate On 03/22/04  

Stuff like that is always going to vary from location to location. It is, indeed, the way things are.

By cinnachick On 03/23/04  

I just got my license in Chicago and what I actually do is not listed on my license because I can't do what I do in my hope. Even though it says in the code that you can't manufacture anything in your home that will disturb your neighbors, and since what I do (make purses) can't be heard in the next room inside my apartment I thought it would be fine. So according to the city I design purses, but that is it. See if you can work something similar for yourself. It sucks, but until I can afford to rent a separate space I had to do something.

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