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By melmelon On 03/22/04  

The saga darling daughter has decided that she no longer needs to nap...I am glad she consulted with me on that one, since I think otherwise. Not only that, she can open her bedroom door, so THAT is no longer an option. Any advice for those of you who've BTDT? We are going on day 5 of "no more naps," and I can't take it am I supposed to get this house painted if she won't sleep?(This morning I got up about 2 hours early just to do that...and guess who was right behind me?)grrrrrr...why do they have to grow up?

By jennymeg On 03/22/04  

How old is she? My daughter has gone through phases of this - stretches of a week or more - and then she goes back to napping again. Maybe she just KNOWS there's something you need to get done.

By melmelon On 03/23/04  

The pet monster is two and a half....and you're probably right about her knowing I NEED to get this sh*t done....I dont mind her sanding drywall, but I'ld rather she not help paint. I hope she'll get back in the swing of napping...soon.

By jennymeg On 03/23/04  

You know what? That's EXACTLY how old my daughter was when I thought it was all over on the naps. They are going through so much, developmentally, don't you think? I mean, it's like a new set of tricks they pull out of their sleeves every-other-day. I think that throws them a little off kilter. I definitely stopped making plans for naptime. I just felt lucky when I could get it.

SO, here's hoping you have other pockets of childless interruption you can utilize. That paint is just so interesting, it is hard to distract them from it. Ohhh and ladders. Don't even get me started there!

By melmelon On 03/23/04  

Ya, she's a regular DIYer....she loooooooooves it all, especially the stuff we don't want her into..meaning everything. I see a future in construction for her, much to her father's dismay.
I am thinking that maybe some good old-fashioned prayer power might get her naps back on...then again, maybe not.

By hushabye On 03/23/04  

I remember my mom making me a "Rest Box" when I was little. At the time I thought it was the coolest thing ever, but now I think she must have been at the end of her rope because I didn't want to nap anymore!

Anyway, the rule was I could have the box for a hour a day (when I would usaly be napping I expect) and I had to be VERY quiet while I played with it. My mom might think differently, but I really liked it.

This is what I remember form it:
A super cool coloring book about ballerinas
Fat crayons
Lock-blocks (before Legos)
Neat wodden buliding blocks that were more archetectcual- like arches and colums and stuff.
A farm play set
Big wodden beads and ribbon for stringing

I'm sure there was more, but the important thing was that the things in the box were ONLY for rest time. I never saw them before, and they had to be put away for the next day when i was done resting. Maybe something like this would help?

By MojoMama On 03/24/04  

I remember my mom telling me "well, you don't have to sleep if you don't want to, but Ginger really needs to take a nap & she can't if you don't lay down in your room with her. So just go lay down to keep her company, but you have to be really quite so she can sleep." Ginger was our family dog.
I am using this same tactic with my son and it is working fairly well so far. Usually he will fall asleep within 15 minutes, but if not I let him get up after about 30. It's annoying, isn't it? I can't get crap done when he won't nap and then we're BOTH crabby. Man, my husband loves to come home to that!
Maybe it's a phase? I say that about everything my kid does that makes me bonkers & hope is goes away....
Good luck!

By melmelon On 03/24/04  

I need all the luck I can get...actually, yesterday she had a nap..for about 45 minutes, due to the fact that she is sicker than hell.
I usually tell her she doesn't have to sleep, just have some quiet time to read her "stories" to her babies, because THEY need to sleep. I used to put the dog or cat in with her, but she'ld just terrorize them, so now for the safety of my animals I just leave them out of our little drama.
It MUST be a phase.....otherwise I'll never get through it :p

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