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By afroken07 On 03/21/04  

There's a music festival going on here at my University and I'm sharing a vendor booth with one of my friends. She's selling handmade journals and I want to sell marble magnets and felt flower hairpins that I've made (and maybe also record bowls, if I can get to a thrift store). What I want to know is how much I should charge for marble magnets and record bowls. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to change $1 for each flower hairpin, but I have no idea about the rest. Help me, please!

By ksue On 03/22/04  

Hey there - check various crafty sites and see what others charge for those things... then decide if you want to lower the prices to appeal more to the impoverished student types :)

I would say, though, that a buck is too cheap for a felt flower hair pin! How long do they take you to make? Charging $3 would still be a steal in my book. Just make sure you aren't practically giving them away!

Good luck and have fun.


By indiegurl On 03/22/04  

i agree, $1 is not nearly enough for your hard work. anything under $5 is a great bargain! sometimes it takes a few shows to feel out what people are willing to pay. i know i changed my prices a few times at the beginning.

i used to sell marble magnets too, and i think i charged $3 for small ones. people loved them and they went pretty fast at that price. although i guess poor students might be a different market. i say don't sell yourself short when determining your prices.

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