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By CraftinFool On 03/21/04  

Hi all!

I've been in a baking mood. As I've searched online I have found a bajillion recipe websites out there...I know a lot of glitterati cook and bake, so I'm wondering which ones you like best.

By roxy_fondue On 03/21/04  

allrecipes.com is my recipe site of choice. they have a great search engine and a democratic rating system. what more could a cook want?

roxy, who wishes she had a complete spice rack

By VioletKarma On 03/21/04  

I like http://www.fatfree.com because it's all vegetarian/vegan.

By modforpretend On 03/21/04  

honestly, I mostly use http://www.foodtv.com and Gourmet's http://www.epicurious.com

Cook's Illustrated is an amazing source, but you have to pay to get their recipes. And I'm a cheap bastard. Regardless, they're at http://www.cooksillustrated.com

By heathertea On 03/21/04  

I will second allrecipes, it's awesome! tons of recipes and the comments are ususally fairly good... people will mention if they did something different and it came out better.

By denimqueen On 03/21/04  

i'm with mod. i use epicurious and foodtv. they are both good. and as much as i hate to say, the martha stewart website has great recipies, they always work and are always good. i use it all the time.

By eixmi On 03/22/04  

For the last year or so, I think I've gotten all my new recipes from http://vegweb.com/ .

By FloozySoozy On 03/22/04  


Free Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver and Two Fat Ladies recipes, plus thousands more.

Let me apologize in advance for being an unbearable foodsnob (once again), but:
I actually don't like allrecipes.com at all... There are dozens of duplicate recipes, some of the recipes sound very unlikely/crude/amateuristic and others are so straightforward I could have come up with them myself, and better.
I never really understood why it's so popular. Are there any features there that I may have missed? As is, I'm going to stick with the BBC.


By twistupgirl On 03/22/04  

I use http://www.recipesource.com a lot in addition to allrecipes. Recipesource has got just about every recipe that you could ever want. If you are looking for lower fat recipes, go to http://www.3fatchicks.com. It is a great website with tried and tested recipes along with other weight loss tips from real girls.

By Jesser On 03/22/04  

I use a bunch already listed ....
I also use http://www.cookinglight.com (you have to have an access code, but i've got one from their cookbook that i bought, and if you can also grab an issue at a checkstand and look it up every month ... err rather unethical, but effective).
My own personal recipe archive is: http://www.jesser.org/cookbook

Those are probably the two others I use most often ... happy cooking!

By CraftinFool On 03/22/04  

Thanks so much!!

By guttergrrl On 03/22/04  

I'm also a big cooking light fan. The website has a great message board. I get tons of recipes and ideas from the website. If you're interested in the newstand code for march, it's GUMBO. (not sure if capitalization matters)

I also love Eating Well's website (http://www.eatingwell.com) It's a reasonably new magazine. I got the tip for this from the Cooking Light boards. Great stuff with plenty of veg and vegan recipes as well as standard meat-based stuff.

--the other gg.

By Elf_Chick On 03/22/04  

the ones i use were already listed above, but i thought i'd throw in:

i live in a TX suburb but to the west and north of us are a lot of smaller towns and more remote areas with ranches etc, and we all use the same power company. well, the electric co op puts out a magazine every month (i guess for the benefit of customers who don't have the opportunity to get to bookstores etc) and in the magazine there's always a recipe section with a theme each month. i've gotten some of the best recipes from there. Here's the link to the recipe archive on the Co-Op website:


By becca_13 On 03/22/04  



i also highly recommend jesser's site (try the savory packet recipe - sooooo yummy!)

By superdeluxe On 03/26/04  

I have to second www.epicurious.com. I love the comments from people who have tried the recipes that tell you if the recipe was any good and whether they made any modifications. There's nothing like spending a lot of time and or money on a recipe and not having it come out well...I have a lot of favorite recipes on the site.


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