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By lostin1derland On 03/20/04  

Has anyone seen this new show on fox? The time is pretty bad (friday nights), but the show is incredibly bizarre and clever. Its sort of like joan of arcadia meets twin peaks- the main character is a jaded Brown philosophy major working at a gift shop in Niagra falls who has little animal toys talk to her. Probably the most surreal but clever thing I've seen on tv. Anyone?

By moon_lemming On 03/20/04  

I love it! It's created/directed/something or other by an Angel-related guy -- Tim Minear, I believe? It's the one show I actually put into my schedule these days, which makes it kind of a pain in the ass that it's on Friday, but whatever. I can't wait til it gets on its feet a little more -- it seems like it could use a little more gel-time, if that makes sense, but that's my only complaint.

By shinybrandnew On 03/21/04  

I totallY love Wonderfalls. Jaye is soo Nifty.

By becca_13 On 03/21/04  

i really like it - just waiting for it to "gel" a bit too....

By mystril On 03/21/04  

It's no Firefly, but it's pretty still good. :)

Actually, I really like the characters and the talking smushed lion.

I'm hoping it doesn't get cancelled.


By advil On 03/21/04  

I have heard a lot about it because the main character comes from my region, and it's rare to get throught US tv. So don't worry Mystril, they took a chance on that serie and they have already filmed for a long time.

Isn't Davernas the prettiest girl on earth? I have only seen a small part of Wonderfall (I don't have tv anymore...), but she played on a lot of after schools specials and I thought they were doing some tv tricks to make her so pretty. But I saw her on the bus, and she's even prettier in person.

By garnetta On 03/21/04  

I love this show! It is on at a bad time...but it's good enough that I remember to set the VCR. It doesn't give me a Twin Peaks vibe as much as it gives me a Northern Exposure vibe...which is totally fine. After 2 episodes, I'm hooked.

I think she is really gorgeous. And the bartender chap is rather cute...he looks like a new, cuter version of the older brother on "Party of Five".

By miss nomer On 03/21/04  

i'm completely hooked. i like that it's witty and sarcastic. i can also relate to jaye, the disgruntled philosophy major. i too suffer from the disgruntled (canadian) ivy league philosophy major unemployment line....

i hope it doesn't get cancelled though...

etaile, we must be from the same region, because there's been a lot of coverage in the montreal media because the actress who plays jaye is from here.

By looloo On 03/22/04  

I love the show, and I love Jaye even more! She is so adorable that I just want to pocket her! I love the character, she is so easy to relate to!

As long as the show does not interrupt my "Joan of Arcadia" time I will be fine .

By quietriot On 03/22/04  

i've watched both episodes and have really enjoyed them. i too think it's a little more "northern exposure" than "twin peaks" -- but i love both of those shows, so either works for me.

i've heard that the show is already under threat by fox, which is just so premature and crappy. the creator of the show has posted a letter to all us internet peeps:

so i guess, if you like the show, keep talking about it.

By silverbell On 03/23/04  

I've watched the last two episodes, and I find Jaye really endearing. I'm going to keep watching as long as Fox keeps airing. :)


By miss nomer On 04/06/04  

i just found out this morning that wonderfalls was cancelled! i wrote my angry email to fox already. i don't think it'll make a difference.

By looloo On 04/06/04  

I swear to god that if I didn't care who I offended I would scream (on this post of course) the F word at least 1 million times!

Why? There are no good shows on tv (save "cracking up" and "scrubs") as it is, why cancel this one?????

By editorgrrl On 04/06/04  

sign the Save Wonderfalls petition>

Wonderfalls is being pitched to the WB and UPN, so send them Save Wonderfalls letters and animal tchotchkes:

Dawn Ostroff
President, UPN
1800 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Jordan Levin
CEO, Warner Bros. Network
4000 Warner Blvd., Building 34R
Burbank, CA 91522

By advil On 04/06/04  

Woo, I read it in the newspaper too! I'm sorry I misleaded you before. The thing (as I learned it in the newspaper- )is that they already recorded 13 episodes. The critics are good but there are not enough spectators, because of the bad timing, friday nights. Why don't they just changed it to some more popular time? They also said Télé-Québec has already bought the right to show the program, so it will be shown completely in french. - I will recorded them, and we will managed something for the glittery fans to have access to it if you want.
And yes Miss Nomer, I'm from Montréal too!
I hate when they canceled great tv shows, like with My So-Called Life in the early 90'.

By wendy_darling On 04/07/04  

Why is every show I love doomed to cancellation, odious shark-jumping, or a move to a cable channel I don't receive? I'm so bummed. I loved me some Wonderfalls. The instant appeal and high ratings of reality TV have ruined network perceptions of what constitutes "success" in a show. I wish they'd give these scripted shows more than...ohhh...10 seconds to build an audience (especially after dumping it in the Friday night slot of death).

I guess this is what DVDs are for?

I can only hope a network like Bravo pulls a Keen Eddie on them and airs the rest. At which time I will go and...mooch cable off of someone in order to see it.

How incredibly ironic is it that a popup ad for The Swan came up over the story on Zaptoit when I clicked the link? Pretty damn, if you ask me.

By outofrange On 04/07/04  

this is soooooooo upsetting!
every freakin' show i love gets cancelled...

- my so called life
- freaks and geeks
- felicity
- this!

damn it!

By sharem On 04/07/04  

oh no...that was such a good show.....
so from friday night to thursday nite now cancelled? what the...

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