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By noodletherapy On 03/20/04  

congrats to the proprietress of sodafine, the new shop that opened up in fort greene... i saw you featured in time out shopping section this week. awesome! go, girl! i can't wait to stop by and congratulate you guys in person...


By meepmeep On 03/21/04  

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! and so soon after opening in ny!

By SublimeStitcher On 03/22/04  


By plainmabel On 03/22/04  

That's awesome, Time Out is super hugeness! I hope I can take a swing by when I'm in the city this weekend.

By SpanishFly On 03/22/04  

Congrats! Although Philly misses Sodafine...


By misshawklet On 03/23/04  

wow! when I visit NY in July I have lots to see! peachass, if you see this, can you email me? I can't seem to find your email anyplace. thanks.

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