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By moondance1 On 03/20/04  

Having a colicy baby has changed me in many ways. The most important things that it has done is make me see how much I love and need my husband and how much I love and need to have family around me and my son.


My husband and I have decided to do something kind of crazy. We both quit our jobs, bought a campground and canoe rental place in the ozarks (where I am from) and are moving in 10 days. We have 100 acres, barns, a house... heres the website that the former owners had

So it's crazy... but I didn't want Eli growing up with long distance family and the sense of entitlement that so many people seem to have down here. Lets just hope everything turns out ok. We will be thirty minutes from the nearest town of more than 500 people. 2 hours from any city of more than 150,000. Who needs a stupid GAP right across the street (although I may miss chinese takeout).

I am happy but a little nervous.

Thanks for listening...


By KattWalk On 03/20/04  


For real, that is a gutsy, admirable thing that you and yhour husband have decided to do. You sound like you feel this is best for your family and I commend you on that.

I understand this because tonight I became fed up with the house I am living in. i am 2 months pregnant, and our ceiling leaks, our house smells like a mildewed wet rag, there is mold on the ceiling, it's on the brink of the slummy rundown neighborhood, etc etc. We decided we are not comfortable with bringing our child into the world in this house. I am planning a homebirth, and what good would it do if I am not comfortable in my own home? I am going to save every penny I can to make sure we can move within 2 months when our lease is up plus one month.

By looloo On 03/22/04  

I envy you! I would love to live way out in nowhereland! Your children will grow up to love and appreciate nature in a way that my "cityfied" kids never will know!

By luci_mama On 03/22/04  

Wow! Sounds like big changes are on the way for you and your family! I hope they pay off in a big way for you, financially, emotionally, and in every other way.

Interesting that you're buying this Ozarks family camping place. DH and I were just talking about his childhood favorite family vacation was camping in the Ozarks ... I wonder if it could have been this place! I'm not a huge fan of camping, especially with kids as little as my boys, but I can imagine trying it out sometime, since Jim's been so glowing about the experience. Be sure to keep us posted. (Sure hope you'll be able to get a good Internet connection out there!)


By miscreation On 03/23/04  

we just moved from downtown montreal to a small town in the country and we love it! we are on an acre in horse country in a 90 yr old farmhouse.....
i have an 8 month old son and i'm going to stay home with him and start a mosaic business..we're starting a garden, wearing hand-me-downs and living simply! he's going to learn so much...
....i've never been happier and i know the city is always there to explore.....all the best to you and your family!!!

By cackalackie On 03/23/04  

That's so exciting! Congratulations and well done! I've been wondering how the baby has been doing since you changed doctors. Keep us abreast - and take care!

By Eva666 On 03/23/04  

i just wanted to echo all these ladies sentiments and tell you that im in total awe of your decision! its so wonderful to hear of people doing something so brave for their family, i'll be thinking of you and wishing you all the best every time i walk past the local gap! please please keep us updated on the move..

By wendyland On 03/23/04  

That's so cool. Maybe I'll make it down there eventually. I live in St. Louis. I love canoeing. But, I'm terrified to let my kids anywhere near water. I just want to protect them.

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