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By loveplusone On 03/20/04  

anyone Know where who to go to for a great inexpensive line sheet with pictures in color... ? in or around the NYC area, if not via the internet?

By shop gal On 03/20/04  

you don't need to go anywhere...
do you have color printing capability from your printer?
if you do, then you're set. otherwise, make a master copy and then head off to kinko's and the color xerox machine.
a line sheet does not need to be slick. it needs to be informative with a bit of creativity, show who you are, what your company is about.
my line sheet is 3 pages (8x10) printed on each side with text and photos, stapled at the top. simple and straightforward.
i print out a few at a time, when i need them. if you are at the beginning stages of business (or wholsaling) you needn't print a huge amount, you may change your prices or terms soon.
if you are interested, i could send you my line sheet as an example, to get you started.

shoot me an email if you want.

By loveplusone On 03/20/04  

hey, yeah i'd love to see an example of your line sheet-
I'm also in the market for a new computer -one that i can do all that good graphic stuff on, do you recommend a computer/printer that handles this stuff well or is it all basically the same?

By swank On 03/21/04  

Oh, I'm working on my line sheets right now and would love to see what yours look like if you wouldn't mind sharing. . . I'll send you an e-mail.

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