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By plainmabel On 03/19/04  

Those of you who accept credit cards directly (as in, not PayPal), do you ever find yourself getting phone calls from customers simply because your phone number gets listed on their credit card statement?

I'm planning to sign up with someone to start offering credit cards, but it's a rule I think that your phone number appears on the statement next to your company name. I'd either be using my home or cell phone number -- I don't have a separate business number -- and I'm worried that I'll be getting calls at odd hours or something.

By funkyutopia On 03/19/04  

hey plainmabel... i hope i can give you some wisdom for once. you always seem to have so much for all of us!!

i have accepted credit cards online with card services int'l. for almost a year now and have not received any phone calls at all. i don't have a seperate business line either.

when i first started accepting credit cards, i wanted to make sure everything worked so i placed a $1.00 order through my site with my visa. when i got my statement back, it listed the charge and my company name plus my phone number. so maybe i've just been lucky but no calls yet. 'knock on wood'.

but then again, i almost kill my customers dead with emails, so maybe they think that i'd talk them to death if they called me personally ;-)
hope that helps, good luck!! if you have any other questions you can email me.


By plainmabel On 03/19/04  

Me, wise? Please tell my boss that b/c he seems to think I'm totally stupid today! :)

Everybody on my credit card statement has a phone # so I guess it's a rule. It's so great to know that you haven't gotten calls, thanks so much! It seems I'm nervous about almost every aspect of the credit card thing (phone calls, fraud, CVV2 numbers, you name it!) but I'd hate to get a phone call at like 3am or something (though I'd probably talk their ears off too).

Do you do one of those ones where it's verified/processed automatically, or one where you have to enter in the credit card number yourself. The latter costs less but seems like a total pain.

By KittenCndy On 03/19/04  

I use Propay where you have to enter the information yourself. I thought it would be a pain too but with Mals E's order system I just copy and paste the info. Unless your getting tons of orders a day (even in that case I wouldnt mind)it shouldnt be a hassle.

By plainmabel On 03/19/04  

Thanks -- that's good to know! I was looking at Propay as well as a couple of others, but wasn't sure if you had to jump through hoops each time you had a sale or what (considering my sales process isn't exactly very streamlined as it is!). :)

By funkyutopia On 03/19/04  

"Do you do one of those ones where it's verified/processed automatically, or one where you have to enter in the credit card number yourself. The latter costs less but seems like a total pain."

My credit card transactions are verified/processed automatically. But in just the time I've been live I have been scammed 3 seperate times with fraudulent orders. 2 other times the customers tried but I was able to catch it. It's scary but credit card fraud is so common, even for smaller businesses. Can't even imagine the amount of fraud large companies deal with!

But I think the key is to go with a company that offers the latest in credit card verification. Card Services Int'l is about to launch several new proceedures to protect against fraud and chargebacks. To my knowledge, the best way to tell if the customer has the credit card in hand is to require the security code on the back of the card. Plus, the billing address must match the address the customer's bank has on file for them. If the shipping address and the billing name/address differ, I like to contact the contact info for the billee to make sure the order is legit. If you can't verify the customer's info you can't fight a chargeback.

There is so much to credit card transactions but in the long run I think it is a positive addition to an online business.

By plainmabel On 03/19/04  

Fraud and chargebacks scare the crap out of me and I have no idea why, worst case scenario is that I have an awkard situation and have to eat the cost, right? I'll definitely always require the CVV2 and a correct billing addy. I worry most about international problems since you can't verify that info but I guess I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it. I just need to bite the bullet and do it!! Thanks, ladies!

By funkyutopia On 03/19/04  

Well fraud can be stopped if you require the right info and everything checks out. Then in most cases you will be just fine. So no worries there. Chargebacks are a different story, but still nothing to be too frightened of. If a customer decides to refuse to pay (or chargeback the transaction) and the transaction results in a chargeback then not only do you lose your cost but also your product and then there are chargeback fees involved as well. Most banks allow up to 90 days for chargebacks, so you may not know you were scammed for awhile down the road. But again if you require all the important info and everything checks out, you should have no problems.

International orders are different because most US banks can't verify an international card. Some merchant services do offer international verification as well but it is very costly. There was a thread about Alternative International Payments recently. Currently I only accept PayPal or money orders for thoses orders. It does limit my sales, but my hands are kind of tied with that situation.

Good luck! It all sounds scary because you never know who you're dealing with sometimes... but for 98% of the transactions it is a positive and almost effortless experience.

By SmudgyCat On 03/19/04  

Have you considered having a voicemail account set up? My sister has one for her law firm and real esatate services, and I think it's about $5-10 a month for voicemail only. If nothing else, it keeps psycho people from being able to track you down too easily.

By plainmabel On 03/19/04  

SmudgyCat, that's a great idea! I'll definitely look into doing that.

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