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By butterflytwish On 03/19/04  


i'm moving to williamsburg, brooklyn april 1st, with mr. butterflytwish, to make a fresh and wonderful start on a new life, maybe go to school, and just enjoy being a city girl.

i'd really like to get the ball rolling and meet some cool people up there. i figured glitter was a good place to start.

i know kayte is up there, who else in NYC?

i'm excited as all heck. woot! :P


By ursonate On 03/19/04  

Come to Church:

By butterflytwish On 03/20/04  

good idea, thanks!


By aesthetica On 03/20/04  

there are lots of glitter girls in/around brooklyn! welcome to the 'burg, baby! it's a fun place to be! it's easy to meet people at glitter parties and also there are lots of crafty gatherings at places like knit nyc cafe.

By amyspart On 03/22/04  

hey tricia,
congrats on finding a place! I think you'll like it here. I'm in Park Slope (another part of Brooklyn) and I love it. I'm a semi-lurker on the thrift list, so be sure to keep in touch once you get here, we can organize a thrift outing!
Good luck & welcome!

By butterflytwish On 03/22/04  

i will definitely keep in touch! a thrift outing is most CERTAINLY in order. i'm really eager to find some halfway decent thrifting spots once i'm up there. :P


By editorgrrl On 03/23/04  

I just saw on Craigslist that a Tuesday evening knitting group is forming in Cobble Hill:>

Knitters Group Forming - Cobble Hill
Reply to:
Date: 2004-03-22, 11:04AM EST

New knitters, experienced knitters, or just thinking about learning -- All are welcomed. I am hosting a knitting group in my smoke-free, roomy, well lit apartment on Tuesday evenings (weekly). The goal of the group is to make new friends that share similar interests, find out the best places to get yarn and accessories at great prices, get inspired, and have fun - and some tea & cookies!! There will not be any fees associated with meetings.
Note for people with Cat Allergies: I have two cats. Also, my apartment is a 3rd floor walk-up - incase you have trouble with stairs. For non-Cobble Hill residents, I am only a few blocks from the F train, and half a block from the Court St. bus stop.
Hope to meet you soon.


By ursonate On 03/23/04  

Hmmm, isn't that the same night as the Brooklyn Stitch 'n Bitch which meets maybe 4 or 5 blocks from that location?

By blueduvet On 03/23/04  

tricia, welcome to brooklyn! I'm in park slope though. I'm always up for a stitch n bitch...glitter was also one of the first places to turn to to meet people when I moved to NY. let us know when you want to meet up! I'm also game for thrifting.

amy, I didn't know you moved to the neighborhood. would you be interested in a regular local craft night? (of course others who are willing to travel would also be welcome.) we had one going for a while last year but it sort of fizzled...

By amyspart On 03/24/04  

hey blueduvet, I'd totally be into a park slope craft night! Work has been crazy lately, but I've been trying to get it together to organize one... my place isn't super huge, but we could definitely have it there.
email me if you want (email is in profile)

By butterflytwish On 03/24/04  

fyi other brooklyn or nyc chicks:

i saw this post on craigslist:

Reply to:
Date: 2004-03-17, 12:27PM EST

Knit Not Knot
Knitting is fundamental! In this three-hour workshop, we'll cover the basics: knitting, purling, increasing and decreasing while working on a simple project. Classes led by Hannah Howard
Next workshop to be held: 3/20, 12:00-3:00

Knit not knot, Part Deux
In this three hour workshop, we work in color, read patterns and learn to use double pointed needles. Knit not knot or basic knitting skills required.
Next workshop to be held: 3/21, 12:00-3:00

Each workshop is $40. Pre-registration is required. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at pre-registration. Workshop is limited to twelve people with a minimum of 5 for the workshop to be held. Materials are not included. A list of supplies and vendors will be provided.
For more information email:

it's somewhere in e. williamsburg (probably near my place).

i might check it out.

i also thought some of you might be interested.

also, i thought, is EVERY hipster chick in NYC knitting nowadays? :P


By ndaye On 03/26/04  


You found MY knitting classes! Whoo hoo!

I teach them AND I'm a glitterati. I'm also listed as the get crafty moderator even though I haven't moderated for a bit.

Backchannel me if you wanna chip.

*edited to add*

I've raised my prices recently....damn location costs!


By Lacey On 04/02/04  

Hannah rocks!

Hi! I'm a williamsburg girl as well so welcome to the hood babe.

When the weather gets a little nicer I'll host a S&B since I have a big deck I need to break in.

I used to be on glitter a lot and although I'm not online as much lately, we crafty girls still get together a lot.

By ndaye On 04/05/04  

Lovely Lacey!

You've got to come by for tea or maybe just Monday Night Burlesque at Galapagos?

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