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By Anonymous_Jade On 03/18/04  

Hey I just registered for Glitter today, after I had discovered this website and read the "Crafting for Cash" by CraftyChica. She really inspired me to do something of the same thing as the rest of you. I don't have a website or even sample crafts yet but I've loved to make things, and sew since middle school, I just never thought of selling them until recently.

Right now I'm definitly in the Kintergarden stages. I'm only 20 but I really want to be my own boss so eventually I have time at home. Rat race doesn't really appeal to me. I'm in college for Advertising which I like but crafting is more of my inspirational hobby. If I can make some money at it and share my talent with the rest of the world, well heck yeah!


By bammie On 03/19/04  

Welcome to the boards!

This forum has a wealth of information on running your own business from many talented ladies! Maybe do a search if you have specific topics or just starting reading threads of interest.

Good luck!

By starrynight On 03/20/04  

I do art fairs in the summertime, and sell jewelry through my website and at a few shops. When making handmade things, pay attention to the things you make that garner lots of compliments, or the items that people comment on as being most unique. With a solid base of good feedback, you'll soon find that it's a natural progression to getting your stuff out into the world! I was always interested in making things, and found that rather than trying too hard to pick something to concentrate on, that thing kind of picked me. My background includes classes in Advertising, Public Relations, Graphic Design, and I'm glad I have that knowledge to fall back on. This way, I don't have to pay someone to create an ad for me, or to design my business cards. Although I do wish I would have taken some business classes, I think you can learn a TON simply through trying things and making mistakes. I wouldn't have the knowledge/experience to quit my day job and open up a shop tomorrow (my ultimate dream- to support myself through my art), but I do feel that I will have that experience gradually built up over the next 5-10 years.

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