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By hushabye On 03/18/04  

So, I have the copies of some of the Sassy projects:
1. april flowers: how to make fabric flowers
2 tie dye to dye for: tie dyeing
3. all doilied up: make a purse out of a pillow case and doilies
4. bead it: embelish a little dress with beads
5. cheap frills: add lace to a button down shirt
6. sweat jacket: make a jacket with frog closures out of a sweat shirt
7. with bells on: embellish a sweater with gold tassels and bells
8. redo your denim: make a cropped jacket and jhodpurs out of jeans
9. bandana cap: cute skull cap out of bandanas
10. the shirt off your shoulders: inspired by j paul gaultier make a button down shirt and scarf into an off the shoulder shirt
11. buttoned up: change the buttons on a cardigan for a new look
12. from formal to fun: make a prom dress into a top and skirt
13:instant alice band: make a red cotton head band (like alice from alice in wonderland)
14. underouterwear: reader produced issue make pants that look like jeans with the underwear sticking out at the top and at the ankles
15. nothing up your sleeve: make a cuff and collar set to make a sweater look like you have a button down shirt underneath but without the bulky ness
16:under where? : embellish a cami and panties with roses
17: stud this: take a fanny pack and add punk rock studs
18: jacket renovation: crop a blazer and shear see thru fabric at the bottom
19: new shoes: update a pair of ballerina slippers with lace up ties
20: when is a one piece a two piece?: make a bikini out of a onepiece bathing suit
21: dress yourself: make an empire waist dress out of a skirt and T shirt
22: build a better vest: update your vest with an equestrian motif silk scarf
23:fringy: make a karl lagerfield inspired skirt with ribbon fringe
24: fresh thrifty outfit of grooviness: make a top out of fishnets and a jumper style dress out of a XXL Tshirt
25: turtle head.: from a turtle neck make a balletop and alice band
26:not for the shy: make a goth tulle skirt for the prom
27: long enough: make a denim maxi skirt: the skirt to jeans way before everyonelse made them in the late 90's
28: yes, a pillowcase: pillowcase to a dress
29: reader produced issue making it: turtleneck to shirt and matching hat and large jeans with suspenders
And More!

If you want them you'll have to pay some postage because there is NO way these things age going to fit into a regular envelope. Also be aware that the copy quality is not great. You can read them of course, but second generation copies are always lacking detail esp. in the pictures.

So please EMAIL ME for an address to send $1 to. I'm trying to do this from work, and it won't look weird if I'm just responding to emails. After I get your address and dollar (that's to cover postage and to help me buy big-ass envelopes) I'll send you a little packet of memories and craftiness. Fun!

By sarmo On 03/19/04  

I would love to get these! My email is Let me know what to do!

By DivineMsEm On 03/19/04  

Just emailed ya!

Thanks for doing this for you fellow glitter gals!!!

By abbygirl7 On 03/19/04  


I want Sassy! I just emailed you!

Rock on!

By hushabye On 03/19/04  

I will probally not be able to check my mail until Monday, but keep emailing me and I will get in touch with everyone as soon as I can!

By Polesmoker69 On 03/22/04  


By hushabye On 04/06/04  


If you want 'em, I still got 'em. Email me!

By me_here On 03/24/04  

nooo!!! i live overseas so this probably wouldn't work.. :( is there any way i could send you an envelope and the postage from..uh..say, Cairo Egpyt?!
(i completelyd understand if you say not!)

By hushabye On 03/24/04  

There's wierd postal rules saying that the postage has to come from the country of origin. Don't worry- we'll work something out.

By hushabye On 03/27/04  

Bumping up- I still have lots more sets!

By purdykitten On 03/28/04  

ooooh, i would love these! email me please!
thank you if you can

By invisilurker On 03/28/04  

Hey, Thank you for offering this!
I already have some big envelopes..I can send some to you if you like, along with my dollar.
I could send you them in a big envelope, and you could probably get away with reusing the big one I send everything in, as the one you send me back the copies in. That way you don't have to buy as many. As long as all the old addresses are covered, along with the old stamps and canceling, the post office doesn't care.
I'll email you about it when I'm back at my house.

By Polesmoker69 On 03/29/04  

your still saving one for me right!!

By gadgetgirl On 03/29/04  

me, me, me! I don't know how much it will cost to ship to Australia, but I'll try to find out. Do you have nay idea how much the package will weigh?


By givmecandie On 03/31/04  

I received my package today, thank you so much! Ah, memories... I love how one of the models is wearing a Thrasher shirt! ha!

By stephy g On 04/01/04  

me too! me too! please email me at

By abbygirl7 On 04/06/04  

Pearliepie, let's try again. I missed any email you may have sent me. I re-emailed you from a different account, so hopefully I'll get your email this time.


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