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By jennymeg On 03/18/04  

I *really* want to buy from someone here or another indie business if possible.

I need to purchase a gift and have it shipped to a 6-year-old girl next week. I tried IBUYDIY, but like mine, most all of the shops for kids are only up to the toddler/preschool age. The family is conservative, Baptist, Mississippi. . . .And I want to keep it under $20. I may just have to make something myself, but I was hoping for something different, as I also give them gifts at Christmas. They are family (in-laws).

OK, any help in this area would be appreciated.

By SpanishFly On 03/18/04  

I don't have anything for that age on my site, but my cousin has a friend who has a series of religious-based kids books, they're kind of cute for that age.

Her site is:

The only problem is that the books aren't available from her site, but instead from various chain bookstores. Probably not the direction you wanted to go in with the gift-giving... but the woman who writes them did start her own small business and it's the only thing I could think of.

Good luck!


By jennymeg On 03/18/04  

oh thanks for replying! Gosh. I may end up going the route to be safe. My main thing was I had to steer clear of the funky stuffed animals that I personally think are cool, but her family may not. Oh, and I was hoping to get the item shipped directly to expedite things.

By plainmabel On 03/18/04  

How about this cute change purse with a kitten on it from ? It's for charity which makes it extra great. I've actually seen these change purses in person b/c I sold some for the artist at the Bazaar Bizarre so I know the quality is good.

By jesskbg On 03/19/04  

I can do up a set (3)of juggle balls for her. She's at the "safe" age. Let me know. Definitely under $15.00. Look under hacky sacks (bottom of the page) I can do up custom colors for her... a little more girly. Email me through my site.

Good luck!


By NeesyPea On 03/21/04  

This was advertised in Bust>
cute clothes

By shop gal On 03/21/04

it's just a front page, but it will give you an idea of what we do; our prices range from $28-$76.

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