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By Imabarbedoll On 03/18/04  

I need to redo my website and clear out alot of stuff-is it ok to advertise a sale to the Glitterati??? Please someone, email me if its not cool!

I'm offering 40% off regular price stuff and 25% sale price stuff off of everything on my site. I need to clear out a major amount of stuff ASAP. I can't get paypal to do a discount unless I go in and change EVERY buy no button-which would take me a week LOL. So if you want to buy anything-email me your list, and I'll send the invoice with adjusted prices.. Mention you saw it here, and you'll get some goodies thrown in! Thanks!

By siacircus On 03/18/04  

I couldn't get to your site from the link in your profile. Has the addy changed?

By jennymeg On 03/18/04  

No, you have to remove the part that precedes her site link - it's like the link is tacked onto the glitter discussion link.

By Imabarbedoll On 03/18/04  

god how weird is that??????

maybe that will work now???

By i sew vinyl On 03/18/04  

when I click a weblink in someone's profile, if it is just the www address (example my browser wants to append the glitter URL I am at (

gotta cut and paste the link, if they list their site address using the full URL as the link works as it should.

By Imabarbedoll On 03/18/04  

I love your wallets!!! lemme know if you wanna do a trade sometime!

By thriftstorediva On 03/21/04  

Hey! I wanted to buy the Marge pin, palm tree pin, and the swallow wall deco's! could you send me an adjusted invoice for them? my email is in my profile. thank you!

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