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By glassygirly On 03/18/04  

I was wondering about online stores. For those of you out there that sell in online stores, especiallly DIY ones, is it worth it? Do they get traffic? I have never bought online so I have a hard time understanding the amount of business these sites get. Thanks

By toetoe On 03/18/04  

I think it is definitely worth it -- start up costs are minimal and you can reach people all over the world. My site gets a good amount of traffic, which increases all the time.

By glassygirly On 03/18/04  

Thanks for responding- what is "minimal" and also, what about online shops that are not yours but carry many designers.

By toetoe On 03/18/04  

"Minimal" depends on how much you do yourself -- if you know how to build the website it would be a lot cheaper than paying someone to do it for you. You can find web good web hosting for under $10 a month. I guess by minimal I meant that the startup costs are so much less than they would be for a brick and mortar store and you can reach a much wider audience (geographically speaking).

By glassygirly On 03/18/04  

Thanks and by the way your site is great- very cool stuff! Any info on selling in online stores that are not your website? Girlshop etc..worth it?

By NeesyPea On 03/19/04  

I've heard some really great stuff about >
and >
Both are on-line consignment shops
Good Luck :)

By glassygirly On 03/25/04  

Thanks for all of your help! I will check those sites out!

By toetoe On 03/25/04  

Thanks glassygirly! :)

I think selling in other online shops is worth it -- they may reach people that your site doesn't. And I also recommend the two listed by neesypea.

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