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By ksue On 03/17/04  

Hey y'all! I have the most amazing opportunity coming up for my "real" job... I just found out that I am going to Paris then Madagascar of all places to lead a trip for the organization I work for. I am very, very, very excited. However, it means that Fresh Crafts is left all alone for 11 days in late April.

How do you all handle being gone on vacations, etc.? I will for sure post something to my site. And set up an email autoreply. Anything else? I'll also contact all my regular stores and anyone who is pending.

I am fairly certain that I will be almost completely out of email touch for the 8 days I'm in Madagascar.

Feels weird, as this is a really crucial time for me to be right on top of my biz. However, trips like this don't come along too often. Lemurs, for goodness sake!

Any advice would be appreciated! Whooooo hoo!


By plainmabel On 03/17/04  

Holy crap, are you kidding? Madagascar and lemurs? That's so amazing!!

Don't worry about your site -- the autoreply and a message on your site should be plenty. Consider the fact that you won't be gone as long as many places take to process orders in the first place! Put the message on your site about a week before you go so people have a heads up, you know like, "Orders placed between x and x will not be processed until x." If you're really worried, see if a friend can monitor your sales email address to let ordering customers know that you'll get back to them when you return, but you should be ok.

By ksue On 03/18/04  

Well, it's not like I've been getting inundated with orders (YET!!!), but.... I do like to respond to people pretty quickly and since I JUST got ordering up I want to make sure my bases are covered. I just want to keep things simmering away. You're right, having a (boy)friend check the email now and then ain't a bad idea either!

After I posted I was like, hmmmm, when do I start calling my business my "real job?" It's that sticky place so many of us are in, being torn between the regular paycheck and this cool little bizness thing we're doing.

Anyway, as usual the mabel she is so wise.



By idared On 03/18/04  

Hi, i think you're gonna be fine with the website message and the auto-reply, that's what i always do when i go on vacation. It worked so far, no problems. Plus, i think even Madagascar has to have internet cafes, or if you're staying in a decent hotel, they are probably going to have internet access there, so you can check your email once or twice during your trip to respond to the most important emails. Have a good trip!

By anniemontana On 03/18/04  

I am so jealous! I did a report on Madagascar for French class in high school and have since wanted to go. Did you know that half the chameleons in the world live on Madagascar?

Sorry for the thread hijack! Have fun!!!!

By ksue On 03/18/04  

Thanks everybody! I feel better now about taking off.

I know, chameleons and LEMURS!!!!!

So exciting.

Although they just had a really devastating cyclone (hit the country once then did a U-turn and hit it again) and things are looking the tiniest bit iffy as of today.... But I'm gonna just assume it's happening (innoculations start Monday - ouch!).

Anyway, I'll be able to enjoy it much more now that I feel better about letting my bizness sit in my absence!


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