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By crazybones On 03/17/04  

hi everyone! I saw this knit/craftalong in two blogs I really like to read (wendyknits, and craftybitch).

It's for Critter Knitters, and they're looking for made blankets (doesn't have to be knit) to donate to an animal shelter in NY.

There are guidelines on the main link, and there's a raffle drawing (each blanket = 1 raffle ticket.) The prizes are really nice, and it's for a good cause, so I thought I'd mention it here.

About the project:

about the raffle associated w/it:>

By DivineMsEm On 03/18/04  

Ok, I am learning to sew and quilt right now and I am going to make something warm and wonderful for those beautiful kitty-buddies on the link you posted. They are so sweet...thanks for the info!!

By crazybones On 03/30/04  

I'm bumping this because the prizes are getting verry interesting!

You can knit, crochet, or sew a blanket, and since they are for pets, they are small (from 18x18 inches in the small size and 36x36 in the large size.)

If you've got spring fever, and are itching to craft something relatively small and useful, here's your chance!

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