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By stickyfingerz On 03/17/04  

SOOO i bought a bunch of blank t shirt and tanks. NOW WHAT?! i have those iron on letters but i cant think of anything to write . . like slogans or just cool words (foreign or otherwise). . . or pictures to paint (i have tons o' acrylic paint). Any ideas??

By Anonymous_Jade On 03/18/04  

I read in a magazine so I'm not sure if it's entirely reliable but the word "Callipyge" in Greek means "beautiful butt" :) or maybe a cute nickname you may have or any inside jokes. My sis is a vegitarian and on a tote I painted "Meat Free Zone" and "MEAT: it's what's rotting in your colon" she thought it was funny. Or maybe any cool quotes. Good Luck!

By pinkconfetti On 03/18/04  

This was a hilarious thread, loads of great ideas for slogans on t-shirts:

By teagrrl On 03/19/04  

A long time ago I saw a tee that said "I'm the firestarter...twisted firestarter" along with a little scout-type stick day I'll get around to making a shirt like that.

Then again I'm probably the only one who remembers that song anyway... :-)

By littlepierre On 03/20/04  

Hahahha no you're not.

By crazybones On 03/19/04  

"Callipyge" is my family's all-time favorite word. It absolutely means beautiful butt! We call each other "Callipygian" constantly! Typically, it's "Get your callipygian over here!"

here's the def:

By Anonymous_Jade On 03/23/04  

That is awesome! I'm glad I painted it on my backpack after all. That's so cool!!


By hungreh On 03/19/04  

This probably doesn't apply since you're not actually going to screen a design on...but...

In reference to Urban Outfitters 'vintage' line of t-shirts you could do something like "Corporate Vintage Sucks".

Or something.

I just can't stand those shirts.

Okay, my idea is dumb. Sorry.

By WannaBeCrafty On 03/19/04  

Hi there, this is my first post! :) Anyway, I saw a really funny bumper sticker the other day that said, "What would Scooby Do?" I think that'd be funny on a shirt!

By crazybones On 03/19/04  

That -would- be funny on a shirt!

By miche_chan On 03/19/04  

no way hungreh. That idea is wicked cool. I think it's intensely lame that because Corporate North America has "lost so much money" to the thrift and vintage stores they have to start MAKING vintage clothing... and then charge MORE that what it would have cost you to buy it in the thrift store. LAME, LAME, LAME.

Old Navy and Urban Outfitters are trying soooo hard and they just look like a pair of corporate loo-sers!!

/end rant

PS: In response to what *should* go onna shirt, my next shirt *needs* to say "queen of the bees", on a shirt that I cut a scoop neck out of.

By alyssieann On 03/20/04  

I've been thinking about this topic too because I want to put words and phrases on my bags and shirts. I was thinking about putting random words such as: kleptomaniac (or just klepto), schizophrenic, claustrophobic. I also went on and got some good old words of the day: flibberdigibbet, etc. I think it would be funny if you could find words that SOUND dirty but don't mean anything dirty.
I was also wondering how expensive iron on letters are, or if it would be cheaper to make stencils and use fabric paint?

I just remembered! My friend is taking this graphics art class and she really wanted to make a shirt that was like this: a picture of the state of idaho on the front, and on the back it would just say, "no, udaho"
it's a little risque but i thought it was hilarious!

By stumblebum On 03/21/04  

Well I don't know about where u are, but I got fabric letters for a few pounds here where as a bottle of fabric paint was about 6 so if you just want simple letters i'd stick with the iron on ones,

I'm gonna try senticling some shirts next week! How exciting :)

By Demented_Queen On 04/03/04  

I have just made one that says in HUGE letters 'y-front inspector'.........good if you want attention anyways.........

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