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By susan*s On 03/17/04  

Our own Plain Mabel was interviewed in the March issue of Venus for an article called "The Business of DIY" on page 82--great quotes!

Congratulations Miss P.M.!!

And another glitter girl, Athos, has a cool diy project on page 74, on converting a long-sleever shirt to sultry 3/4 sleeves.

Good work ladies! :)

PS Cute Star Serge ad on the facing page to the DIY article too :)

By DeborahM On 03/17/04  

Woohoo!Our girls rock!

By plainmabel On 03/17/04  

Aw, thanks! They even put a couple of my items in "Junk & Stuff" which I'm beyond excited about. And lots of lovely Glitterati have ads in this issue that look hot -- I'm feeling the urge for a li'l shopping spree... :)

Edited to add: Yay, athos! Great project!

By Mona Mew On 03/17/04  

That's so great, plainmabel (and all the other glittery girls, too)! :o)

By funkyutopia On 03/17/04  

wow! congrats!!! great work!
can't wait to get the new copy!!

By cleanout On 03/17/04  


By plainmabel On 03/17/04  

Hey, I just noticed in the new Bust that our very own lilyblue is featured with a great little article about And I *think* Leah of craftster fame did the article on marble crafts, also in the new Bust. Glitter gals are taking over the press! :)

By susan*s On 03/17/04  

On the same page as the lilyblue/I Buy DIY article is "Get it Together," the piece I wrote for BUST on getting organized, as well :)

Raspgirl's Augie bag is on the BUST Stuff we Like page, and she is also interviewed about Portland Super Crafty, the crafty business group that she, toetoe, and I are in. It's in the article on creative businesswomen that mentions us, Dinnergrrls, and Austin Craft Mafia!

I think it's so exciting to see our stuff out there, congratulations everyone!

By plainmabel On 03/17/04  

Wow, I didn't even see all that other stuff! Must go check it out... :)

Edited to add: Susan, I just read your article! First, it's excellent. Second, will you come organize my place?

By jennymeg On 03/17/04  

I'm planning a trip to the bookstore to spend a little money on magazines. . .

By NeesyPea On 03/17/04  

Thanks, my hubby drew/designed that ad for me!

By susan*s On 03/17/04  

It's gorgeous, congrats! :)

By ksue On 03/17/04  

Y'all are so awesome! I am very, very proud!


By copacetic On 03/18/04  

Whoo! Way to go, everyone!!! :) xoxoxo!!!

By toetoe On 03/18/04  

Yay everybody! I can't wait to check it all out. I desperately need to get over to the bookstore!

By glassygirly On 03/18/04  

Way to go guys!!!! It is so good to see independent business women getting their props!

I will have to pick up a copy!

By SublimeStitcher On 03/19/04  

It was a great article! Congrats!!

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