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By KattWalk On 03/17/04  

any advice on where to look for decent, inexpensive maternity clothing? I know of Liz Lange's line at Target, but anything else that won't make me look like an overstuffed pastel Kuntry tweety bird?


By looloo On 03/17/04

you can look on line for their brick and mortar maternity stores if you don't want to order. But the prices are the same as Target and way cuter.

By jennymeg On 03/17/04  

DON'T buy Liz Lange. It is really cute, but #1 it shrinks and #2 it is too short and won't cover your belly when you actually start showing. I'm a small person saying this, too. I ended up returning anything Liz Lange where I was able to find my receipt. They do have some of the In Due Time stuff that's not terribly ugly.

I second Old Navy (clearance racks, plus they run good sales in general). I love my low rise jeans.

By snoopy On 03/17/04 also has great clearance sales. their clothes are very comfy. they also have a good return policy (you can return items to a retail store if you don't want to mail it back) in case things don't fit. i also had some luck at maternity consignment boutiques as well as thrift stores. i found a great vintage maternity sewing pattern that i used to make some wonderful clothes.

By Eva666 On 03/17/04  

ive found some *really* cute things at H&M. I got a pair of stretchy red velvet pants that i loved. My only complaint is that you have to have a store nearby because you cant order online. ebay is another good option since you may score with finding someone selling a large lot or something.

By melmelon On 03/17/04  

I definitely sencond the ebay suggestion...including s&h, I got about 13 pieces (2 separate lots) for about 75 bucks, and I also picked up a few other items at the local children's consignment shop...if you don't feel *weird* about used clothes, its the perfect place to look.

By KattWalk On 03/18/04  

Good to know about the Liz Lange. I also read some online reviews how the fabric pills and sewing is poorly done, things come apart in the wash, etc.

Thank goodness I still have a month or so to worry about getting new clothes. I'm only 7 weeks, but my regular clothes don't feel as comfortable.

I'm going to try ebay.

thank you!

By stargirley On 03/18/04  

The Motherhood store has good sales too. check out the clearance racks. I got some plain V-neck T-shirts for $2.30 each and a really nice dress that I'm ging to wear for easter for $14.00 Their prices aren't too bad with out sales either. and they have cute stuff now. I also recommend the E-bay thing and Old You can return old navy stuff a tthe store as well, and they have really good sales. the oly thing that I've had an issue with there is that all the sale items are only available in some sizes and it's never in Medium.

By jennymeg On 03/18/04  

Old Navy jeans shrink like crazy, too, so if you normally get reg., get long instead and they won't end up showing your ankles. I'm 5'7", but don't consider myself tall. Um, Be careful at Motherhood not to write a check or give them your address. They WILL sell you info to junk mail people.

By cackalackie On 03/18/04  

I think Motherhood is good for basics, too.

(Interesting the comment about Motherhood selling your address. Whenever I asked why they wanted it, they got a bit stroppy - said something about needing it in case of returns - and then admitted it was for marketing purposes. When one said she was just doing her job, I responded that I was doing my job by not giving personal details without finding out what they would be used for.)

I got quite a bit off eBay as well. One piece of advice is not to buy anything until you really need it. Because you might be surprised with your size and shape. And don't go overboard. You might just want a few good basics.

By looloo On 03/18/04  

"doing her job"? that takes the cake! That is one of the lamest excuses you can ever give! That is like "I don't know I just work here"

By jennymeg On 03/31/04  

I'm going to try listing all of my maternity clothes on ebay this week and next since I am proudly postpardum :)

My seller name is the same as my user name, here (jennymeg), and I'm hoping this doesn't sound spammy. . . just wanted to throw it out there.

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