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By kilometergirl On 03/17/04  

ok, this might be rather ridiculous, i usually am pretty good with computer stuff, but just started a new job and part of what i am to do is create an email newsletter to send out announcing specials and such. what i have done with my own site in the past is create a pdf file and just send it out to my mailing list as an attatchment. now, i'd rather not send this new newsletter as an attatchment from the company i am working for as i think that looks a bit less professional. any ideas how to make this pdf the body of the email? and also, the email program i have at work is outlook express on a PC, is there a way to blind copy something? i can do it on my personal email system, but outlook express only seems to have the carbon copy option.
any help would be really appreciated. thank you so much in advance!

XO, katie

By ookpik On 03/20/04  

outlook express can blind copy. if your emails aren't set up to show the BCC: field, you can go under the Tools>Select Recipients menu in the email itself, and add names from your address book to the To, CC, or BCC fields.

i don't think you can put a pdf in the body of the email, because it depends on the adobe reader to view. however, you could design your newsletter as HTML (a web page) and send that in the body of an email.

By kilometergirl On 03/21/04  

thanks for the outlook express tip. yeah, i thought html was the only option to make it send in the body, but i don't know how to do that, so they will have to live with an attatchment i guess. thanks again for the help!

By none On 03/24/04  

you could make the whole thing an image.

By raspsgirl On 03/24/04  

I have a text only email client and it's really hard for me to read newsletters with images. I suggest using only text and then having links to web pages. You reach your audience better and you aren't limiting who can read your message.

By ookpik On 03/24/04  

i actually prefer text-only emails too. i set my email client to convert html to text. it makes a lot of corporate newsletters really ugly, but so much faster to load.

text-only also saves me from spammers verifying my email address when their html email loads an image from their webpage.

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