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By looloo On 03/17/04  

It is funny how you can go through something twice but not be an expert! I am wondering if my baby has "dropped" I am 37 weeks tomorrow and all of a sudden things seem different. I usually feel a lot of movement and if I sit forward with my belly touching my desk the baby kicks my desk. I am doing that now and have been all day and all I feel are tiny movements, more like the ones I felt at the beginning of my pregnancy. Also, I am peeing way way more. This has been going on for 2 days now and my Dr. appointment is tomorrow. I do not have any this something I should worry about or do you think I am right in assuming that the baby has dropped?

By jane_bond On 03/17/04  

The baby probably has dropped, and with subsequent pregnancies, it usually happens quite close to labour (or even in labour, while first timers drop weeks before). Perhaps you are going to go into labour in the next few days or so?

About the movements... Are you sure those feelings "like at the beginning of my pregnancy" are movements or are they more like uterus twinges (that in the beginning of pregnancy are super mild cramps evidencing the growing uterus)? Perhaps, if they are more like super mild cramps, you are experiencing pre-labour, the tuning up that the uterus does to get ready for labour.

Also, remember that by now, baby is so big that there is very little room to move about inside you. It is very common for baby's movements to dramatically reduce at the very end of pregnancy. What you'll feel are slow, ballet-like movements as the baby attempts to stretch it's limbs out or flexes it's spine. Gone are the days of sudden swift kicks and punches - there just isn't the room to do it anymore!

When you go to the doc, you may discover that you have begun dilation and effacement.

Good luck! Make sure you have your bags packed and all your arrangements made just in case labour is not far away!

By luci_mama On 03/17/04  

Again, and as usual, I agree with what jane_bond has to say.

Just beware that when you go to the doctor, s/he may NOT report that you're dilating and effacing. But even if you're not, that doesn't mean that your body isn't starting the process of preparing for labor.

As a veteran of days and days of prodromal labor (easy contractions that don't progress, and peter out after awhile ... usually at bedtime, for me), I urge you to be calm and follow the subtle signals of your body. Numbers don't mean squat to your baby: 1cm and 0% effacement can go to 10cm and 100% in a matter of hours ... or weeks! You know by the calendar that you're getting nearer your time, and by the physical sensations, you're getting stronger clues.

Hang in there!


By Eva666 On 03/17/04  

hang in there is right! i agree with both jane_bond and lucimama, take the cues your body is giving you and DON'T go by numbers. as a first time mom i was told my doctors and friends alike that labour would be long and dragged out, even while i was going through it and saying "no, really, this has GOT to be the end because it can't possibly get worse!". when they said i was just beginning with HOURS of labouring left, out she came only 3 hours into the ordeal. i knew what my body was doing and only when i listened to those outside opinions did i think i couldnt manage any longer.

at the same time, don't start counting the minutes because your baby is on it's own damn clock! my point in this rambling post is that if you feel "different" and think you've dropped, you probably have, because you've been through this before and you know your body best..

By melmelon On 03/17/04  

I almost want to remind you that its not april yet....but almost....I have nothing to add that wasnt already said...but the end is in sight, so get your rest.

By looloo On 03/18/04  

Okay, I think that it is because the baby is running out of room. It is not that there are less movements, it's that the movements are less...? does that make sense? Instead of baby rolling from one side to the other, I am getting punches and kicks. I am feeling much better about it today and think I was just having a panic moment yesterday!

Thanks for all of your responses!

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