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By mel_b On 03/17/04  

somewhat of a weird question here...
but i'm thinking of getting a tattoo on my lower abdomen and i'm a little bit scared of what will happen to it while/after i'm pregnant. i know it has a lot to do with genetics, but i guess i'm just curious as to what your experiences were.

so what happened to your belly after the baby?


By looloo On 03/17/04  

yuck, it got all soft and stretched out. But that is just me and my bad metabolism.

By jasmineT On 03/17/04  

My friend had a flower on her tummy. Now, post pregnancy, she jokes that it shriveled up and wilted. Try the thigh/hip area or the butt if you want it to look good after having a baby.

By mel_b On 03/17/04  

yeah, it's supposed to be pretty low, pretty much on my pubic-hair line. and to the sides (almost on top of my hip bones).

i think it would mostly be alright... i hope!


By Eva666 On 03/17/04  

one word: deflated.

By MojoMama On 03/17/04  

that is exactly where I have my tattoo & that is also exactly where I got my one & only stretch mark - right thru my tat. yes genetics do play a role in getting/not getting the ol' stretch marks, but I think maybe my having a tattoo there had something to do with only getting one in that particular spot? seems odd that would be the only one. Anyone know why that happened? To tell the truth, I don't care much about the tattoo getting messed up - it was for a good reason and it's not like it was something I showed on a daily basis anyway.

By Fawnzie On 03/18/04  

One of my tattoos (a butterfly) is under my bellybutton, that I got while still convinced that I would never want kids (HA!). I didn't get any stretch marks or anything through it (I massaged it a couple times daily with oil to keep the skin super elastic- my tattooist's tip), but here I am almost two years later and it's still slightly wrinkled looking in that area. I suppose if I DID something about it it might go away heh *like thats gonna happen*

By sofrosyne On 03/18/04  

yeah, a belly tatttoo sounds like a bad idea. You could wait till after the baby to get it... I would ask the tattooist what s/he thinks; they will probaby have some good advice.

By faerie_eyez On 03/31/04  

I would definitely wait until you're ALL done with pregancies before getting a tummy tat. All mine are on my back.

By Rzngrl On 03/31/04  

I'll add one more word to Eva666's deflated:



By Melynn On 04/02/04  

My cousin got a butterfly tattoo, 3 babies later, it looks like a buzzard.
My stomach after just one baby looked like a deflated balloon. But I thought there might be a chance that it would snap back a bit. And it did pretty well. Then baby #2 then baby #3-2 c-sections later...I show no one unless they love me with all their heart.


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