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By Gnome G On 03/15/04  

Ladies, just a word of warning in case you get anything from "support(at)thewalrusandthecarpenter(dot)com" with the subject "Notify about your utilization of thewalrusandthecarpenter(dot)com"--I don't use this email box address (my email will come from my name, not from a generic box).

Don't open it. I received this email in my own domain mailbox today and it had 2 zip files attached and urged using a password to access the files (I didn't open; I deleted and got in touch with my domain/email host).

I think it is super yucky that someone out there can seemingly generate an email from your catchall box at a remote server that hosts your email, claiming to be you and sending out very bad things. Please beware and sorry!

By Mona Mew On 03/15/04  

My webhost emailed me last week about a virus that was going around and this seems like a good place to share what he had to say:

"There seems to be a new virus out there which forges the from field to be from 'support' or 'administrator' of the same domain as the to address. It has an official looking message which suggests something is amiss with something and the solution is to execute an attached file. The file, of course, is the virus."

By jennymeg On 03/16/04  

Yeah, this is part of that latest virus thing. That's why craftster and a bunch of other places have this big NOTICE at the tops of their pages saying that "we don't send out attachments to our members" or something to that affect. It is just another spoofed email-type virus.

I had one come to:me from:me so I saw it first hand (just like the one you described - from the Textile Fetish support team - WHATEVER!). It made me consider posting a similar "Notice" on my site, but you just cannot catch them all. All you can do is hope 'net users eventually get wise to the way these things work.

By toetoe On 03/16/04  

I've been having the same problem. It's yucky.

By noodletherapy On 03/19/04  

yeah.. i'm nervous because i just got an email returned to me, to one of the email addresses that's linked to my paypal account, that i definitely DIDN'T send, and the attachment was some sort of bill.. i'm way nervous about this.

By plainmabel On 03/19/04  

Was the attachment actually a bill, or did it SAY it was a bill but had a sketchy extension like .pif, .scr, or .zip? I've gotten several lately that have said "Here is your bill" or "Here is your software" or "Here is the information you requested" that have virus attachments in pif, scr, or zip form.

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